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Hi Kitred, yep that's fine
I'm going to make some changes to the organisation of this rp...nothing major, but seeing as I'm GM now I think there are easier ways that this can be organised...more details to follow..

Okay! Here are the new rules and guidelines! I'm going to hide Kanto and Johto under spoilers so everyone can look at only that which affects them, but general rules and guidelines wll be for consumption by us all. The biggest change is that you won't need to ask me about catching pokemon/facing gym leaders/key items. These will all be laid out in the below guidelines, kind of like in the games. If there is anything special you want to happen in the RP, though, or something I've missed that you'd like to see just post a request in the OOC as usual and I'll sort it. This is just a hell of a lot easier to stop you guys from requesting, and having to wait for me to get round to responding as I'm fairly busy at the moment with Uni just starting up again and work and dance so I mainly check/reply on my phone on the Tube, which is not conducive to making huge detailed posts.

If you want to catch a wild Pokemon - go for it. I trust you all enough to make the choices for yourself over what is reasonable and what isn't. So for example, I know that you guys won't battle a level 70 Articuno in Route 5 with a level 4 Rattata and catch it with your first PokeBall. I think we're all more sensical than that, so within reason you can decide which Pokemon appear where and when:
  • All Pokemon captures in the wild must be preceeded by a battle. I don't think it's realistic to have 5 pokemon 'choose' to follow you on first meeting. So make it a decent battle, show that you've put some thought into it, and that's cool.
  • If you want any gift/trade Pokemon (so anything like Shuckle in Johto and Eevee in Kanto) or if you want an Egg or a Fossil, these are special request Pokemon. Please post a request in the OOC and in your IC post, if accepted by me, please give a decent amount of backstory to how you got the gift/fossil. I don't believe someone would walk up to you in the middle of a Pokemon Centre and give you a Helix Fossil, so make it believable or you will need to edit it.
  • All wild pokemon will be captured at level 5, same as any starter pokemon. As you progress through the roleplay, the levels of wild Pokemon will be boosted and I will provide details of this by monitoring RP progression for both Kanto and Johto players. I will inform in the OOC thread when a. evolved forms of Pokemon can be captured in the wild and b. when a level boost comes into play.
  • Which leads nicely to the last bit of guideline - 2nd and 3rd stage Pokemon can be encountered in the wild to battle, but not to capture. So let's say you come across a Furret somewhere, as it is a stronger Pokemon than your Rattata it wouldn't be realistic to capture it. But you can battle it and win/lose (details of experience gains will be given later) - I will, as above, inform you when these Pokemon can be captured.
I also don't think it's realistic for me to go through with a fine tooth comb all posts related to battles/training/anything like that. So this is another thing that will be self-allocated, according to the following levelling structure that I have actually pinched from the Trainer Academy RP that I am in, because it has proved very effective there, with a few minor changes:

Pokemon up to level 30:
  • Wild Pokemon defeat - 1 level gain. Loss - 0 level gain.
  • Trainer defeat - 2 level gain. Loss - 1 level gain.
  • Gym leader defeat - 3 level gain. Loss - 2 level gain.
Pokemon up to level 45:
  • Wild Pokemon defeat - 0.5 level gain. Loss - 0 level gain.
  • Trainer defeat - 1 level gain. Loss - 0.5 level gain.
  • Gym leader defeat - 2 level gain. Loss - 1 level gain.
Pokemon up to level 60:
  • Wild Pokemon - 5 per level. No gains for loss.
  • Trainer - 3 trained pokemon per level per win. 5 per loss.
  • Gym leader defeat - 2 level gain. Loss - 1 level gain.
Pokemon 60+:
  • Wild Pokemon - 7 per level. No gains for loss.
  • Trainer - 6 per level. 7 per loss.
  • Gym leader defeat - 2 level gain. Loss - 1 level gain.
All Elite Four battles will, regardless of Pokemon level, give the following experience:
  • Win - 3 levels.
  • Loss - 1 level.
Champion battle will give:
  • Win - 5 levels.
  • Loss - 2 levels.
Any questions on this, it does work out pretty easy to follow, just ask and I'll try another way of explaining it.

I would also like to request that players update their Pokemon team in the OOC thread after every capture/Pokemon evolution. Please include Pokemon Levels and Movesets in these updates. Each Pokemon can learn 6 moves, but keep these in line with the levelling up move learning. If you can illustrate how you can afford a TM, 2 TM moves per Pokemon are allowed. HM moves are also allowed, unlimited.

In terms of HM moves, your Pokemon doesn't need to know Fly to fly to a different town outside of battle, and same with all the other HMs. I've always found that slightly ridiculous about the games but see how it is necessary. If your Pokemon does, however, want to use the move in battle then they will need to have the HM move taught. These HMs will be given out after a gym battle, so you don't need to go looking in random places to find them:

Violet Gym (Falkner) - Fly HM02
Azalea Town (Bugsy) - Cut HM01
Goldenrod City (Whitney) - Strength HM04
Ecruteak City (Morty) - Surf HM03
Cianwood City (Chuck) - Rock Smash HM06
Olivine City (Jasmine) - Whirlpool HM05
Mahogany Town (Pryce) - Waterfall HM07
Blackthorn City (Clair) - Dive HM08

Pewter City (Brock) - Strength HM04
Cerulean City (Misty) - Surf HM03
Vermillion City (Lt. Surge) - Fly HM02
Celadon City (Erika) - Cut HM01
Fuschia City (Koga) - Whirlpool HM05
Saffron City (Sabrina) - Waterfall HM07
Lavender Town - Dive HM08
Viridian City (Blue) - Rock Smash HM06

Hope that all makes sense so far...that's all I can think of for the time being, the rest we can work out on a take-it-as-it-comes kind of basis.

Okay guys, thanks for your patience with me!
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