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Originally Posted by Misdreavus81 View Post
So I just beat the E4, N and Ghetsis. I've traversed into the post-story, and I'm finding that may of the NPC trainers have Pokemon level 65 and over.

My party is in the 50-56 range, so how in the hell am I supposed to compete with these trainers without grinding on wild Pokemon? If I'm not missing something here to train my Pokemon to a competitive level, then the developers kind of screwed up, considering every guide I have read says my Pokemon should be at least level 56 by this point. What's the deal?
I guess because they want it to be a "challenge" to you, as in, you can get through with your Pokemon at 56 but it'll be a struggle. Your best bet is to train to about 65 (wild Audino grinding, they're at a high level and use Heal Pulse + Simple Beam a lot so you get lots of exp post-game without worrying about whether they'll beat you or not) where you should safely be able to beat most trainers you face.

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