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(OOC: Learned what inference was a few days ago, so I felt the need to put the word in a rp post. *sighs* This rp isn't moving along. *smiles* SO I'm gonna make a slightly big event happen now, :D )

"Well then this plan is all we've got." Adriane said firmly.

"Yay!"Teddiursa said.

"Even without this device I would have figured you said that." Adriane said laughing.

"Really?"Teddiursa asked.

"Of course, your a cheerful pokemon, and what else would you have said? You hadn't been talking."Adriane said."Its called using inference."

"Infreence?"Tediursa asked.

"In-fer-ence."Adriane sounded out for Tediursa.

"Infurence?"Teddiursa asked.

"Almost."Adriane said.

"Inference?" Teddiursa asked.

"Right!"Adriane said.

What the Legendary Rebels and their humans didn't know is that Suicune was watching them as they spoke. Suicune pondered on the idea of freezing the humans and bringing them to the other legendaries. No, that might kill them before she got them there. The other legendaries wouldn't like that. Suicune decided to take a risk. She ran into their clearing and growled.

"Come with me now or pay the consequences. More than you would if you came with me without force."Suicune growled.

Adriane gasped, but then she remembered she was trying to keep a 'strong girl' appearance around this group. She took a step forward. She thought about fighting suicune, but then she decided that wouldn't help their cause.

"Suicune, please listen!"Adriane pleaded with a bold, but pleading voice.

Suicune stared with narrowed eyes, and closed them, with a bit of a sigh.

"Ok, fine. Hurry."Suicune said, with a slight bit of annoyence in her voice.

"Thank you. We know why the legendaries are doing this. Please understand, most humans arn't like that! Please don't judge everyone on that one trainer!"Adriane politely said, pleadingly again.

Adriane sure hoped the others wouldn't think of her as weak due to her pleading voice.

"Please, listen to her!"Glaceon with a also pleading voice.

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