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    Finally can post images.

    - My name is not actually Raymond but what the heck, sounds fancy.

    - Gingers have sauce.

    - The random dream team.

    - The status of the team before facing Falkner.
    - Rock Throw for the win. First badge; got it.

    - The team before facing Bugsy.
    - Peck, peck, bugs ain't a thing to the infamous Peck.

    - He evolved after defeating Copper.

    - The team after Whitney (I first challenge every trainer that I can to grinf
    - There wasn't any move that OHKO her; but everyone did a good job, she did some serious damage tough.

    - Team after fighting Whitney.

    - Pursuit, only dark move in the team; the move that destroyed Morty.

    - Route 40; best grinding spot, even I know that. Overgrind! Oh yeah.

    - Strength slave.

    - Chuck was nothing against Peck and Drill Peck.

    - Surf was the move; but I knew that too late, luckily I got trough Jasmine.
    - And Swinub evolved. Yay.

    - Important Note: This guy has to give me the Water Stone to evolve Shellder.

    - I forgot which move did I use. I'm 99% sure it was Iron Tail.

    - After saving the day from the Rocket team (again!), I was set to defeat Clair.
    - It was all ice moves, she gave battle tough.

    - Waterfall and Whirlpool slave.

    - This is the team after winning against Copper one last time on Victory Road.
    - Then I grind a lot of time before fighting the Elite 4.

    - This was the team, Steelix is holding an Amulet Coin and Shellder a Mystic Water.

    Forgot the screenshot after winning the first guy/Team after the win against the first guy from the Elite Four.
    - Jynx defeated Shellder

    Screenshot after winning against Koga/Team after the win against Koga.
    - Drillpeck for the win.
    - Luckily I have 12 antidotes since the second town.

    Forgot the screenshot after winning against Bruno/Team after the win against Bruno.
    - Drillpeck and Icy Wind for the win.
    - Revived Shellder after the bout.

    Forgot the screenshot after winning against Karen/Team after the win against Karen.
    - It was Drillpeck, Pursuit, Rock Throw, Drill Peck, Surf.
    - Healed everyone after going against Lance.

    - It was all Blizzard and Icy Wind; altough I used Surf against Charizard.
    - I'm the champion now.

    - Onto Kanto.
    - Iron Tail got the job done. Besides electric moves are nothing for Steelix.

    - Pursuit and Crunch; both Dark-Type moves will get her.
    - Fearow was defeated by her Alakazam, then Steelix got him for the win.

    - After saving the day again; I defeated Misty, no strategy whatsoever so she defeated Piloswine and Shellder.

    - I Drill Pecked my way out of this one.

    - I Drill Pecked my way out of this one as well.

    - Surf, Mystic Water. This was an easy one.

    - Best thing from Crystal; Emo Gary/Blue, seriously.

    - Same thing as Brock.

    - Have to use a combination of all my pokemon to defeat him.

    - I want my water stone!!!.

    - 2 Iron Tails on Pikachu.
    - 3 Crunchs on Espeon. Steelix got 28 HP.
    - 2 Drill Pecks on Venusaur.
    - 3 Drill Pecks on Blastoise.
    - Snorlax defeated Pilloswine.
    - 2 Drill Pecks to defeat Snorlax; who was already weak by Pilloswine.
    - Charizard? One Surf. Done. Oh wait, 2 Surfs and almost defeats my Shellder.

    PS: I don't know if it is problem since I didn't get the Water Stone to evolve Shellder.

    Hey; I ended up getting that Water Stone. And...

    Happy endings come true.


    Disclaimer: English is not my native language.
    I'd appreciate any corrections on my grammar. (;