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    Please Read!

    A note on Gandlfr core:

    I'm worried some of you don't know exactly what Gandalfr core is... which is my fault for not explaining it sooner.

    The dark energy Josh uses and the green energy Adriel uses are their respective Gandalfr core energys, Gandalfr core is a special ability that is driven by a humans (or elfs in Adriels case) unique sense of willpower determination and emotions coupled with their own familiar energy.

    Thus because everyones different, it is assumed that everyone would have different energies (This can be shown by a colour difference in the "glow" of gandalfr core eg. Josh = black, Adriel = Green.

    Gandalfr core has certain condition to be activated.

    1. The familiar using it must already have the conditions for its familiar power filled if there is any, this really only applies to Robur and Psychae Nectunct due to the fact that they each have condition for their use.

    2. The familiar or they're mage must be in some sort of grave danger or emotional trauma, due to the fact that human emotions are what fill Gandalfr core.

    3. Gandalfr core is EXTREMELY draining on the familiar and after its use the familiar will be seriously exhausted/injured and in serious cases may even have fatal damage done.

    4. Gandalfr core is almost completely uncontrollable but it can be contolled at a decent level if the mage channels energy into the familiar.

    I hope this cleared up any queries on Gandalfr core, if you have anymore questions please feel free to ask.
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