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Originally Posted by Dragovian98 View Post
I used to love Pokemon. I remember i was obsessed with everything to do with it. However playing HG and Platinum bores me now. After i got bored, i just seemed to drift away. I want to get back into Pokemon. Do you guys think Black or White could suck me back in?
Personally, I think they could get your interest back. Brand new Pokemon, brand new storyline, brand new region, brand new things overall like seasons, they're awesome! But really, if you want a feel of what the games have to offer, check out our FAQ as well as discussion threads that give you an insight into what other users think about the game. These being things that irritate you, things you like and finally what makes people hate the games--but even though we have lots of negative threads, we still have a lot of people who are positive about the games, as I'm sure you will be if you purchase one or the other. :)

Either way merging into Quick Questions for people to input if they wish since we don't allow threads on "should I get the games or not?"

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