Thread: [Gen V] First B/W RMT lol...
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Old September 17th, 2011 (9:41 AM).
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Suddenly Elf realizes how broken Dragonite is!

Anyhow, I think Hitmontop might be a better option than Starmie, while it may not have super revenge killing capabilities, it crushes stuff like Scrafty and is one of the only spinners that laughs at Ferrothorn, and really loves Wish Support. Also, Hippowdon might do better than Gliscor, since Landorus is a bit of a problem to this team, noit to mention Dragonite, although you do lose a status absorber and can always phaze out stuff like Scrafty and Heatran, since you have SR on another mon. Tangrowth is another option over Gliscor, because it beats Scrafty with Sleep+Lseed, as well as most of the other threats Gliscor beats, and has great synergy with Hitmontop, it also smashes Physical Dragonite. Roar Latias is also a cute option, because it laughs at Celebi and usually beats Smashpass/BatonPass by way of Roar or just boosting like crazy.

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