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no more sad songs
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The songs for the first episode are out

Who sings what!

It's not Unusual, by Tom Jones. Sung by Blaine and the Cheerios
Anything Goes/Anything You Can Do from Anything Goes/Annie Get your Gun. Sung by Lindsay Pearce' un-named Character
You Can't Stop the Beat from Hairspray. Sung by Tina, Kurt, Artie, Finn, Rachel and Mercedes
We Got the Beat by The Go-go's. Sung by Rachel, Brittany and Santana with New Directions
Ding-Dong! The Witch is Dead from the Wizard of Oz. Sung by Rachel and Kurt

Dem tunes

My reviews

It's not Unusual - Meh, wasn't really bothered about this song. Blaine bores me when he's singing on his own, however this song had something to it which I loved. Easily my favourite Blaine song.
We Got the Beat - Probably my favourite of the bunch, really. The song seems to be too short, though. Apart from that it's amazing
You Can't Stop the Beat - You can probably imagine my face when this was announced, right? My face was the opposite when I heard it. I was so annoyed by this. First, the slow start, It wasn't good, Rachel ruined the song, her voice isn't suited for this, at all. They also played it too safe with this song at the end, Mercedes can do way bigger belts than that.
Anything Goes/Anything You Can Do - The only thing I have to say about this is -- Why isn't Lindsay the winner of the glee project?!
Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead - Meh, just another HummelBerry duet. Probably one of my least favourite. There's not challenging notes in it, it also sounds like Chris cannot be bothered with the song lol

A few spoilers

Santana gets kicked out of New Directions by Will. -- WHAT.
Quinn vows never to sing again -- No solo's until she's back in ND
Also her new gang is called the Skanks. lol
Emma thinks Kurt and Rachel are dating
Sheila is no more
Sugar and Santana become major rivals
Sugar sings in this episode but extremely badly so her song won't be released
There is a second show choir group in McKinley called Pendelton -- which is led by Lindsay
Lindsay and Rachel become major rivals, too!

A few bonus videos and images. C:

First 36 seconds of the premier

A Quinn promo

Becky's promo image -- how cute!?<333
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