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Originally Posted by AresTheAwesome View Post
Alrighty, in this new playthrough im needing to have some help with a few things.

First: Whats a good all around team (Don't include starters as I will soon be replacing mine)

Second: Good Phsycic type (Solosis isnt reall doin it for me and Im thinkin about askin somebody for a Gothita)

Third: Should i switch my pignite for a litwick, since I just love that awesome chandelerymon.

Fourth: Some help deciding on my elctrick and steel types, Im thinking Galvantula and KlingKlank.

Give me your opinions, in this pokemon community, everyone is my friend, and all of your opinions matter to me. <--- sounded creepy didnt it?


EDIT: This was oddly enough moved here for some reason that I'm unsure of, so it still says thread up there but it seems now its just a post... so i guess im just gonna have to check here rather than have a thread dedicated to my party.
Well, you can't just say "these 6 are awesome" because it depends on how they're used. \; I guess a team of your favorites mixed with power would be good.

Gothita isn't much better, IMO. Sigilyph is much better, being quite good with defensive stats and has decent offensive stats. There isn't much choice in the steel-type department this time around, the Ferrothorn is quite good, but terribly slow, Bisharp would be your best bet IMO. Klinklang has an awful movepool. Galvantula is quite the good Pokemon, I'd use it! :)

It was moved because it was suited better for Quick Questions and should be posted in here. :) Just a reminder for next time.

Originally Posted by Jeikobu View Post
Can I breed legendaries? Even though they're typically genderless it'd be only logical for them to breed with Metamon ("Ditto") like other genderless Pokemon. (I mean come on, how else would the race survive? ^^; ) Not letting them breed would just be dirty pool. I want to breed a Victini. Can I do this in any way?
Nope, breeding legends is impossible -- the only exception is Manaphy who can breed with Ditto for Phione, who is otherwise unobtainable.
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