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Hey my name is Trask3000 or more recently known as BlankPoints and I found a tool to help take music from .NDS files(NDS games/roms) and convert them in .mid file(MIDI files), perfect for you composers and other people who wants GREAT music in their hacks.

I know, I know you people are thinking that this similar to thread a while ago but it is not because mine has an attachment and working link(with no surveys or other internet annoyances ).

How to Use
Alright just in 3 steps you will get your music :D

1) First of all the link for it is, also the attachment is below for easy access. After downloading the .zip file extracting using whatever you use.

2) In the extracted folder you will see .exe file called "ndsext" and a "read me". Ok the next part is easy, just drag the NDS rom you want music from and place it in ndsext that I mentioned earlier. You will see a window pop up telling the progress of the extraction, when that is finished you will see a new folder in with the code name of the NDS rom you extracted.

3) Go and inside the new folder and you eill see three folders, click on the one marked "sequence" and of music used in the game will be found here.

Unfortunately the midi are not in any sort of order so you will have to search for the song you want. (Trust me it is ridiculous especially when I working on my Pokemon Black and White MIDI project)

Next problem the music will not sound like it normally would so some serious editting would be involved. Programs like Anvil Studio can solve this problem where you would have to change instruments and other things.

Finally, I don't think you can extract music from the recent games. So games that came out this year would not work but all game before that extract perfectly.

Sooooooo that is it, leave any interest queries and comments below, hopefully I will answers them if not some other user will answer you guys.

This is my YouTube channel that has some of my MIDI work on it. Go and check it out. I did some work on Pokemon B&W so if you want some music for the hack PM or somethng :D
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