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    Originally Posted by ♀ Eevee - Hacker View Post
    Hello all, and welcome to my slightly fail scripting guide to change the starter Pokémon in FR/LG. I'm quite the 'n00b' myself, so these guides will be brief, simple ways to fully hack/edit a rom into your own creation!

    This guide is for the first pokemon you encounter: your starter.

    First off, you’ll need a few tools. I use the following for this guide:

    Advance Map (LU-HO's working on 1.95, I use 1.92 in the mean time)
    A-Starter (hackmew's. technically all it does is change the picture and the Pokémon, not the script)
    and I use pksvui (because it's so much faster to generate the "player found ____!")
    To start off, find a clean rom you want to use and make a copy of it. In case you make a mistake, you'll always have a clean copy. Now, open up A-Starter and set the 3 Pokémon you want to be the starters on the rom you want to use. Make sure the rival gets changed too. You can set the level and what the Pokémon holds, I typically leave it at level 5 and give it an Oran berry.
    This will just change the picture and give you the chosen Pokémon, but the script still says it's bulbasaur/squirtle/charmander!

    Now, sure, you can leave it at that, but it doesn’t look very professional, or give players the idea that your hack will be very good.

    So, to fix that, you open up A-Map. To edit the script through A-Map click the settings and click "Choose Script Editor". Find the folder for pksvui and when it asks about a colon or semicolon, or whatever, click "no".

    Now, open up the rom you edited and go to Oak’s lab. Click on one of the pokèballs (any, it doesn’t matter) and click on “Open Script” in the right hand column.
    All you need to do is scroll down to where Oak is talking about the 3 Pokémon and change the name and type. You can completely edit what he says if you really want to.
    To make it say Pokémon (with the accent) put a “\” (backslash) before the e.
    To say the player’s name, put in /v/h01
    To say the Pokémon species is /v/h06
    (Example: /v/h01 received the /v/h06!)
    Now, you click “compile”. sometimes a little box will pop up. just scroll the little box that pops up all the way down. Find where it says something like this:
    “#ORG: data
    -> @start <-> 0x740001 (0x13 bytes)”

    In this example it would be: 740001

    Now, go back to A-Map and copy the script in the “Script Offset” after the ‘$’ sign.

    If not, then you’ve successfully changed the starters. Test the rom to make sure it worked.

    Any questions or problems? Reply to the thread
    Pretty useful, but I suspect many people know how to do this already.

    Also, I think people prefer to read tutorials that have some pictures, although you did a good job of explaining things without those.

    And to say the player's name, you could do /v/h01, or you could just do [player].
    Either way, it would display the player's name in-game, but [player] makes the script a bit more readable.
    (But [player] might only be in XSE).

    My feelings on
    ROM hacking:

    -I like scripting a lot.
    -Mapping is almost as fun.
    -Hex editing isn't bad at all.
    -I do NOT enjoy spriting.
    -I've been meaning to start learning ASM for a while, but I don't ever seem to have enough time.


    -My favorite color is green.
    -My favorite type is fire.
    -My favorite Pokémon are:
    Growlithe, Charizard, Mew,
    Giratina, Haxorus, and Aggron.
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