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I will be a Nidorina. When i evolve i'm going to be the leading cause of earthquakes.

My parents are Amoonguss. .... i have no comment

My boyfriend is Klinklang. But you're genderless.

My rival is Exeggcute. I'm gonna break you.

My bestfriend is Nidoqueen. You lie. I bet you're my REAL mom.

My pet is Burmy. I have a leaf bug.

Trying again.

I will be a Whirlipede. Not liking this.

My parents are Growlithe. What the

My boyfriend is Herdier. I want you as a pet.

My rival is Lucario. I'm glad i have a hard shell now.

My bestfriend is Gallade. My best friend's going to fight my battles.

My pet is Tornadus. How did we find you?!
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