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    UPDATE (Beta 1.5)

    The first "true" release is within sight!
    This version adds a lot of the functionality that's been missing.

    New Features:
    • Logs
    • Open Sprite
    • New Sprite
    • Automatic Updates
    • Native support for *nslx, indexed *bmp/*png, *gba

    If you venture your eyes over to your NSE 2.X Core folder, you'll see some important suff.
    Your settings.ini file, the bookmarks folder, possibly some plugin data, but now! there's a Logs folder.
    Here's how it works:
    Open a rom in NSE it creates a new text file in the Log Folder.
    Navigate to some data - It gets logged
    Save to the ROM - It gets logged
    Re-point some data - It gets logged

    This way if you forget where or when you opened/saved/re-pointed you can just look at the logs!

    Open Sprite:
    Yes, that button that's been disabled for so long...
    Finally, feel free to click!
    It opens all the sprite formats you can import (bmp, png nslx) and lets you edit them just like any other image editor.
    Click save and it saves it back to the image. (except for pngs which get saved as bitmaps)
    Import into the ROM, do what ever.
    NSE functions like a simpler version of MS PAINT.
    Also! you can set your *nslx files to "open with" this version of nse.
    Either right click a nslx file and select "open with" or open the file's properties and click "opens with".
    Browse to NSE 2.X and all of your nslx files will automatically open in NSE!

    New Sprite:
    Select either 16 or 256 color pick a size, and click "OK"
    Creates a new sprite library, add new sprite-sets, new frames and Save!
    Saves in nslx format or export as a bitmap. Simple!

    Automatic Updates
    Once a day when you open NSE it will see if a new version is available.
    If so it will notify you, and take you to the download page if you wish.
    We'll see if this works when I release the next version
    To disable the update feature: you need to edit your settings.ini (instructions on the bottom read me.txt)

    Native Support...
    As I mentioned, you can set all nslx files to open with NSE.
    This will also work with gba, png, and bmp files.
    AND: You can drag and drop any file into NSE to open it now :D

    I fixed some bugs with the editor control.
    These bugs made the editor control "react" with the visual studio editor.
    Also fixed some bugs within the pokemon plugin.

    Download It HERE (Bottom of page)