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Originally Posted by Druddigon View Post
Hey guys.
I caught Kyurem a while back, and just traded him.
I just beat the E4 / Alder today and when I went back to Giant Chasm and went to the little pond, nothing happened!

I was told that they come back after you beat E4??
Welp, looks like kyurems gone buddy :D

loljk, im not sure about that, im still doin my second playthrough, and btw im doin great with out the pokemanz that were reccomended to me, and so... i have no clue. But i didnt capture him untill after i beat e4 second time. THIS HAS BEEN AN ARES REPORT -news music-

I'm back, but maybe, I never really left, or was I never even hear? Perhaps t'was a mere sojourn that last visit...

The flames in my heart have been re-lit, now I will resume catching them all.