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Originally Posted by Druddigon View Post
Hey guys.
I caught Kyurem a while back, and just traded him.
I just beat the E4 / Alder today and when I went back to Giant Chasm and went to the little pond, nothing happened!

I was told that they come back after you beat E4??
No offensive, but why did you trade him in the first place? Second, defeating the Elite Four and the Champion only
allow Legendary Pokemon to respawn if you defeated them or if you had to flee the battle. If you capture it, the flag is checked as caught and the
respawn script will stop. Sorry, but it's gone forever, now. (Unless you get it traded back.)

Originally Posted by Toujours
I'm sure the Trade Corner would be helpful if you want a new one though.
Toujours is right. I'm sure you can get someone to trade you a new one from the Trade Corner.