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    Hey guys, I'm on to a interesting one indeed with Ninetales, more specifically its ability drought.

    This sprung to mind when i saw a very interesting special/offensive wall in Ninetales, in which i wanting to make myself, obviously help is needed, if people can help me out.

    Moveset was a new one with Solor beam, Captivate, fire blast/heat wave and i think will o wisp, but i aint sure on the latter, The ev spread i would have no clue about.

    My guess would be 252 HP 112 Spe 144 SpD but that seems a bit inconsistent.

    As of nature i aint sure, maybe careful or calm, which ever one does not decrease the special attack.

    As of the item, a one use item what increased fire move a bit.

    Overall, i do need help with this, if people can help me i would appreciate it, i want it to specifically do exactly this, a good lead.

    Thanks guys
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