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I think the most important thing is that we only start with what we can handle so that we don't overwhelm ourselves. People are still busy so we can't get overzealous, though I think that most of these ideas are fine.

As for the Simple Q&A rename, naming it "Help Thread" is like naming a restaurant "food place." I'm fine with changing the name, but Help Thread actually sounds silly! I would be fine with removing the breeding questions aspect as that was mostly to "replace" the old Breeders Corner. I can't help but feel like the other two elements are essential though. "Questions and Moveset Requests" could work but sounds clunky to I don't know. Not like it really matters though...just as long as it's not Help Thread, I don't mind.

The tier resource is mostly outdated now if only because Smogon is completely superior because it's just more convenient with all of the other links and features. Unless there is still a lot of confusion about tiers (maybe there is), I think Smogon is fine.

Since the recent mood has been (at least as far as I can tell) that we need to promote battling itself more, clans would be the logical step to take in order to make that happen. We definitely aren't getting as much as we could out of the subforum. I feel that given our limited amount of people, a concentrated effort to launch three or four strong clans would be ideal. I think that three would be a good starting point, maybe with a fourth reserved for a currently inactive user or something. Before we do any of that though, I think it's important that we know what we want out of clans and how they would function as a part of CBC. While I think they gel quite easily, we should still be completely aware of what we're getting ourselves into (not to make it sound ominous x_x).
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