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lol food place

I agree that both actually feel essential but I'm leaning more towards a 'Simple Q&A Thread'-style name because it just feels smoother rather than 'Simple Questions & Movesets Thread' I guess. That seems like one of the easier tasks ahead of us so might as well get it out of the way. :)

As far as those community events towards the bottom, we need to really only focus on one or two max at a time and see what works and see what doesn't. Clans sounds like the best to begin with and we definitely have some people willing to run them in Aero and Karpy and Wofl; I think they could turn out well. The only other one I'd be interested in seeing right now would be Comm Night with a little organization. Things like PC CAP will require a lot of effort and I think we're just not prepared to try something like that yet.

The things you outlined for the Tutoring Corner sound wonderful. If I had a little more free time I'd totally jump in there and help out with that guide too. ;-; I do think that while it was reasonably a success (I suppose?) it's just too much effort and needing constant attention for us to really run it effectively. A compiled guide would be much much better.