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    Originally Posted by QuilavaKing View Post
    [...] I've noticed something rather annoying recently. Kids know nothing about Gays. At all. Every single one I've heard talk about the subject either knows absolutely nothing about it, or is extremely homophobic. Usually both. I know they're just kids, but that really reflects badly on their schools/parents. I don't really have a specific question based on this... it's just something that I noticed that annoys me.
    You won't believe how true this is and not just for kids, like my English teacher, she explained the meaning of 'pervert' as someone who is gay or effeminate =_=

    On the topic of straight acting gays... I don't really think I can judge people by how they behave. I personally think that, while your sexuality does affect your behaviour, behaviour doesn't necessarily have to conform to a stereotype.
    On the other hand, when guys (straight acting or straight) really go out of the way to prove their masculinity, it just shows how insecure they are.
    For gay guys to do that, it is almost like being closeted.
    I've had people tell me to stop acting gay, and to control my hand gestures because that is effeminate (back when I was closeted). It just isn't worth it, feels miserable to stop yourself from behaving in a way that you feel is natural.