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    Originally Posted by Fluffee View Post
    Sorry for all of the problems before. I actually like

    -UT shiny dratini lv.1 (flawless/DW ability/extreme speed)
    -UT shiny Tirtuoga

    I am offering a EV'd Shiny DW Staraptor and a UT Shiny Heatmor for those 2.
    The 6 pokes I am requesting are

    *UT shiny octillery lv.32
    *UT shiny plusle lv.18
    *UT shiny chimchar lv.1 x2 (I want both please)
    *UT shiny charmander lv.1
    *UT shiny mudkip lv.1

    Thanks, so much Please let me know f we have a trade
    What is EV'd Shiny DW Staraptor's stats?
    Originally Posted by ShinyEvents View Post
    Hm I would like this one
    -UT Modest ビクティニ (Victini) lv.50 (4/17/2011) OT アイント ID 04161 event moves: V-create, Fusion Flare, Fusion Bolt
    Yes they are UT and haven´t been used for the event. I got them from another site

    ok, use my black fc
    Originally Posted by Clawman View Post
    Hey u still got that UT shiny Charmander?:D
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