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how do you make coffee sexy?
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    hello, i would like to join. i guess you can call me genderqueer as i set my gender here as "male" instead of "female"... but that was a decision made on random. i'm not really genderqueer; just pansexual.

    How do you feel about self-proclaimed "straight-acting" gay guys who go out of their way to explain or show that they are manly, not effeminate, and even show disdain for transgender related things? Are they trying to seem less pejorative?

    hnnh. no.
    i think personality has nothing to do with sexuality. so what if a gay man acts "straight" (i'm even surprised that this term can be interchanged with the term "masculine"), or effeminate? although i do understand that, since most gay men act effeminate, those who aren't [effeminate] want to free themselves from this stereotype; it can't be helped if people make assumptions about you with their only basis being your sexuality.

    i'm Briar.