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    Originally Posted by Shining Raichu View Post
    Welcome to Saturday's Child and Rednael!

    Saturday's Child, I lol'd very hard at "I'm all gay and stuff" XD

    I think this all started from fighting stereotypes. The gay community (as a generalisation) became so obsessed with making the ignorant people think that we are not exactly as they think we are, so the more effeminate gay guys that do fit the stereotype began to even be looked down on by others in our very own community. That's my take on it anyway.

    Other than that, I think it's no different to straight guys trying to affirm their masculinity. It speaks about insecurity more than anything else. I don't hate them for it; to each their own.
    Ugh! That reminded me of an essay that I remembered reading in my English book on whether or not the legalization of gay marriage would be a good thing for the gay community. It touched on that. I tried finding it real quick this morning, but I ran out of time and could only find the essay from a few sketchy sources -.-

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