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Originally Posted by QuilavaKing View Post
Side note:
I've noticed something rather annoying recently. Kids know nothing about Gays. At all. Every single one I've heard talk about the subject either knows absolutely nothing about it, or is extremely homophobic. Usually both. I know they're just kids, but that really reflects badly on their schools/parents. I don't really have a specific question based on this... it's just something that I noticed that annoys me.
Kids tend to know nothing about anything for the most part. Kids can make fun of the fat kid when they're 10 years old and then grow up a completely normal kid. Although part of it I would say is because LGBT issues are still somewhat viewed as "adult" topics, that have to be either ignored or tiptoed around for kids. When in reality, it should be just as naturally ingrained into a child as the idea of a heterosexual relationship.

Edit: Don't Ask Don't Tell was officially repealed at 12:01 AM today. Enjoy this image of a man who can finally stop lying about who he is and still defend his country.


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