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Originally Posted by Alternative View Post
With the current topic, I don't personally think that your traits, which may seem more common in your average straight man would show off your personality. Same thing for straight people who do things which are usually done by what we define as a stereotypical gay male. Your personality doesn't define your sexuality. But it seems like the question is asking what I think of people who try and wear these "straight" traits just to break the stereotype. My view on that alone would be don't let other people decide who you should be. If people really cared, they'd want you to be you, gay traits or not, rather than someone who isn't into those sorts of things.

confused myself there

Now if you don't mind, I would like to ask a question for those people who would fit the "ally" part better, since we're not all gay here, and some of us stand up for their rights.

How far would you go for supporting a friend who is gay? Like if they were going to a gay bar for the first time and wanted you for moral support, or they invited you to a Marty Gras parade. Where do you draw the line?
I would not draw the line, well unless they invited me to an orgy :/

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