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    A customized Fire Red [BPRE] ROM edit by Truality

    Pokémon Gust

    Farfetch'd approves.

    I'm Truality, formerly known as a spriter called NiKaNoRoU. Here are some things that you might not want to know about me:

    -I love fried chicken
    -I love ROM Hacking
    -My favorite part of this project is spriting
    -My most boring part of this project is patching
    -I only hack Fire Red, because I don't like RSE
    -For the rest, I have this
    Pokémon Gust is my fifth attempt of a hack. However, this isn't (hopefully) going to end like the previous hacks for two reasons: A. It is an average hack B. It has a demo.
    Here's a brief synopsis of my hacks to date:
    Bug Catcher's Life - Endless hiatus. Planning to make it someday for the Sideshow Showcase.
    Revolution: Expansion - Gone with my old PC
    Orihalcon - Same as above only I didn't tell anyone about it so no biggie for you.
    Beryl - File got corrupted, both to my and Banjora's dissatisfaction.
    Stellar Crimson - A major bug crashed the rom every time the main Hero went out of their house and couldn't find a solution to it. Darn.
    At least I added a cool FAQ, like I did back in my first hacking threads.


    +New plot, same old "Eight Gyms"
    +New maps, same old tiles (for the most part)
    +New scripts, same old main events
    +New gameplay aspects, same old HMs
    +New overworlds, same old Nurse Joy
    +Three evil teams to counter, a region to save
    +And 386 different ways to go for it
    +The details are to be enjoyed, not said


    You're a resident of Indigo Town, at the Nebuil Region. You recently turned 14 and it's about time you began your own Pokémon quest. Ain't you happy?

    As if. Things do not turn out the way you expect. Your father, who is working at an excavation, hasn't returned from his last errand. You're out to look for him.

    Still, you decide to catch two Magikarp with one hook; you go to the local Pokémon Lab to get a starter Pokémon. Why not be both training and trudging?

    As if. Prof. Alastor, who is in charge for homemade-brownie-distribution (giving out starter Pokémon), is also missing. You're out too look for him (pun intended).

    That's it for the storyline, read the FAQ if you want spice on the rice, or play an available release if you want something more than just spiced rice.


    Held outside spoilers, for your own good(?)

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: Where can I find a good ROM to patch your file to?
    A: Don't ask, don't tell

    Q: I patched your file correctly, but it doesn't work...?

    A1: It is a mystery
    A2: It is a conspiracy
    A3: Nintendo hates you

    Q1: The game froze...why?

    Q2: There some glitches/oddities happening...the heck?
    A: Screenshot(s) or they didn't happen

    Q: Why is the hack named 'Gust'?

    A: 'cause it will blow you away

    Q: I got stuck at a certain point of the game and can't move on. I'm really sure I searched everywhere but I can't find a way to go further. Help?

    A1: You're blind
    A2: End of release

    Q: So, you didn't say what the starting Pokémon is. Which is it?

    A: It is named "play the game", No 9001 in the Pokédex

    Q: Which Legendary Pokémon is starring in Gust?

    A1: It is named "Dwayne Johnson", and it's a Rock-type
    A2: None is
    A3: There is one, but it's not really "starring". It's just going to appear prior to others

    Q: What do you mean by "386 different ways to go for it"?

    A: Read "und" with your head upside down

    Q: Oh I see. But why all 386 of them? (I wouldn't sit down to complete the pokedex anyway)

    A: The logic is simple; the more you own, the more you own

    Q: Is your last feature even a feature?

    A: Yes, it features the fact that there are releases at the bottom of the post

    Q: When is the next release going to, well, be released?

    A: Who knows

    Q: Why is your thread presentation so messed up?

    A: It's set in order of importance. The least important stuff being said on the top

    Q: Just how much more annoying can your answers get?

    A: Keep asking questions

    Q: Do you want help with this project?

    A: Not really, no, unless you want to be a zombie-tester, a good reviewer or lazy enough to make a walkthrough/video of this hack


    The makers of the obvious tools that I used to make this [
    A-Map, Hex Workshop, XSE, NSE, LIPS/A-Ptch, A-series - to be precise]
    DavidJCobb/colcolstyles - helped me with some technical issues, both great in their job
    Poképal10 - Earthquake variables [XSE] - I wanted him to be mentioned btw
    Everyone who posted a bug - you have my thanks, my gratitude and a brofist through the screen
    Banjora Marxville - compiling a list of bugs for the demo
    NOD32 Antivirus - keeping me safe
    Spherical Ice - keeping me motivated


    DEMO [Get it here!]

    Badges: 2/8

    Available HMs: Cut

    The patch includes:

    -An .ips and an .aps file (use LIPS or A-Ptch accordingly)
    -Text files with evolution changes, other changes, release notes and a troubleshooting file

    Release Notes:

    -The demo officially ends after entering Prune city. Of course, not all is told, so make sure you check everything out twice.
    -Getting badges is optional, but getting HMs isn't, so make sure you get at least the 2nd badge for the available HM. (Cut)
    -Some scripts and wild
    pokemom data were altered especially for the demo for various reasons. I apologize.
    -If you find a bug/glitch/oddity/error, report it immediately - properly.
    -If you want to have lots of fun, forget about the speedup function.

    -DO NOT play as female. It will cause a lot of gamebreaking bugs.
    -Talking to Terens's house signpost will reset a lot of flags and some ows will appear that weren't there (DAMN SPOILERS!) It will also prevent you from leaving town so DON'T TALK TO IT! [Fixed]
    -When you're asked to nickname your Bulbasaur, you actually don't; you nickname a random pokemon instead. [Working on it]
    -Some trainers have preset movements that don't match their pokemon. [Fixed]
    -You may come across some 'invisible' items that are labeled as '???' and are useless. [Fixed]
    -Talking to the Jigglypuff at Visade City will cause the PokeCenter theme to start after its lullaby ends. [Fixed]
    -There are some movement permission errors inside some houses, near the warps. [Fixed]
    -Not all of the player's overworlds have been replaced. [Working on it]
    -Someone's PC PC is supposed to turn into Alex's PC after you meet him, but it remains Bill's PC. [Fixed]
    -The first pokemon battle (with Ignus) has Oak's text in it. [Working on it]

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    This is my December . . .
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