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I'm waiting for October to come around and then I'll join again. Since completing The Philospher's Stone, I've rarely came back to do anything else. I mean I could spend the time brewing potions, but I'd like to build House Points for the house I believe I truly belong in; Gryffindor. I tried accepting the fact that I was placed into Slytherin, but I really can't see myself there. I just hope that when I go back I can get a great wand like I got the first time around. Oh, and hopefully I'll be placed into Gryffindor at the same time of course. I may be okay if I were to get Ravenclaw though.

On another note, I'm really upset with the feedback set up. There's so many specific things I'd like to suggest, that their feedback page doesn't help at all.

@ShiningRaichu It took me a few takes to get my answer right in your thread, but I think I got my message across well enough!