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Originally Posted by -ty- View Post
I think that men that are gay and are masculine are great. I just don't like when they PROCLAIM themselves as being "straight-acting". I understand that they do not want to be known for having stereotypical gay traits, but I also see it as an insecurity, and SOMETIMES as sign of disrespect for other LGBT individuals. I am masculine and I am not "straight-acting" - I am gay (no acts attached). I actually used act like feminine gay men and transgender people were beneath me in a sense; that was a long time ago. I just think that we as minorities like to throw someone else under the bus, after we have been throw under it. Now, I don't need to assert that I am anymore masculine than anyone else, nor do I think that I should be cautious of hanging out with someone if they appear to possess feminine qualities - it's so hypocritical. Also, I am less insecure of who I am. Although this is my personal anecdote, I think many others have shown their insecurities in a similar fashion.
I used to be a bit of a bully when I was younger ^-^' I'd pick fights all the time while I was in elementary school and I'd pester the special needs kid who was in my class. Twas mad and everything and I was never particularly popular. After a while I just started feeling bad about it and I changed. So I guess I already went down that path I'm not planning on hating anyone now except for my sister and my mother of whom I give myself permission to hate.

As for the topic of how far you would go... well... I've been really asking for a lot of help from friends lately xD So I don't really see myself right now as the type of person who'd be able to "help" anyone, but maybe it'd be nice to help a guy together as buddies :3 Though that type of plotline usually ends up... @-@

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