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There are a lot of genres out there, but the one I find hardest to write is comedy because I generally consider myself to be an unfunny person. So then I got to wondering: does that necessarily stop me from writing something that's genuinely funny? If not, how would I go about doing that? Is comedy formulaic? I like to think that, to a certain degree, it's not, but I've never written anything incredibly lol-worthy, so I can't say.

In any case, my questions:
  • In writing comedy, how can you be funny and not just stupid? <-- There's also a great article for writing non-serious satire on Uncyclopedia.
  • Is your comedy planned or can you come up with jokes in a flash?
  • Any specific mechanical elements of comedic prose you might want to share? (eg. punch-line, twists, etc.)
  • How would you use the narrative in writing comedy? (Not necessarily using the narrative creatively, but more the tone in which you write.)
  • Do you have any advice for writing comedy, asides from just go with it, because that doesn't really help people who aren't funny and 'going with it' tends to just end in forced-humor.
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