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How do you feel about self-proclaimed "straight-acting" gay guys who go out of their way to explain or show that they are manly, not effeminate, and even show disdain for transgender related things? Are they trying to seem less pejorative?

Currently, I could give two [ohmycensorships] about if anyone considers me masculine or effeminate, but I'm more masculine so.... yeah. That's cool. I like it that way. :3

But before, I was totally one of those insecure guys. But I've learned just to not care. And I say that with the upmost emphasis on exasperation. Masculinity and being manly isn't everything, and you know what? What's me is me and I have better things to do then freak out about something as silly as masculinity.

How far would you go for supporting a friend who is gay? Like if they were going to a gay bar for the first time and wanted you for moral support, or they invited you to a Marty Gras parade. Where do you draw the line?

To the point where if I wasn't interested in them, I would make sure our relationship was purely platonic and understgood mutally to be such.

If the tables were flipped though, I wouldn't ask a straight guy.... actually, I don't know. I have a couple of straight guy friends who would probably take of their shirt and dance.

But most likely I'd take my best friend, most likely female, for moral support. No weird "should we be advancing romantically" feelings that way. Or better yet, a boyfriend if I had one!
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