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    So I wanna ask for tips or suggestions. I can't beat the Elite 4 in White.. and it's super frustrating. I'm so underlevelled and I grind but I keep switching pokemon because I don't know which ones will end up good I wanna evolve them too and by the time I level them up to around 40 I feel like they end up crummy and it's just so rage inducing.. :C There is no good grinding spot.

    Forgive me for not being totally good with the names.. I nickname all my pokemon so I tend to forget their real names:
    My good ones are my Dar-something (Red chicken-monkey thing with gorrilla arms.. fire type)
    Snivy-evolvedform (my highest levelled pokemon at level 55ish)
    The birdpheastant one.. Unfeasant?

    :/ I just noticed my good ones seem to be all attack-powered guys..

    I feel like I should just somewhat EV train something with a decent nature (anything that wont make it bad) like a jellicent (because my turtle carracosta or whatever sucks bigtime) so at least I wont have to grind it all the way to level 70 for it to stand a chance..

    Or.. what should I do? :C I hear litwick is good.. maybe I'll half ev train that one..? Like.. I dunno.. I wish there was a good grinding spot in B/W..


    ALSO! One time when I traded a green-mitosis thingy for the goth girl.. ._. the gothica or whatever didn't show up in my PC but my greenie was gone. Do you guys know what happened there? Did I get gypped? Nothing went wrong when it was saving or anything.. so it's confusing .___. I traded with someone in Korea that I didn't know with that trade center thingy .__________.
    Ugh I'm sorry, I'm such a casual gamer I am terrible at names ;___; But please help if you can offer any suggestions!

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