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To add on if anything...

Red chicken-monkey thing with gorilla arms = Darmanitan
Snivy's evolved form = Servine
Birdpheastant = Sigilyph? If not, Mandibuzz?
Green mitosis = Solosis (or its evolutions)

I enjoyed reading the struggle you had to describe these Pokémon. XD

I'm not sure what happened there, you should have received the Gothica. o_o Did you try double checking your PC boxes/did your Solosis really go through?

As for your team, Jellicent is actually a really great Pokémon to use. I say go for it, as it definitely has a good chance of helping you through the Elite Four if you're looking for Pokémon to have some power in Special Attack. Litwick isn't a bad choice either, and of course you should evolve it into its last evolution, Chandelure.

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