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Originally Posted by Sooyun View Post
There was something similar to that without the ranking, and with more options: The Trainer Class Challenge.

Misc: Trainer Class Challenge Revived


1. Each player must pick a trainer class and use the Pokemon associated with that class.

2. You may use your starter until you catch a Pokemon associated with your class. After you get a Pokemon in your class, you must box your starter if it's not associated with your class.

3. No Legendaries.

Note: The original first generation didn't feature dark or steel types. The remakes are recommended unless you want a more limited choice pool.



Beauty: They raise a variety of Pokémon, mainly those that implement beauty, small cute ones, and pretty pink ones.

Biker/Cue Ball/Roughneck/Hooligan: Fighting and Dark types.

Bird Keeper/Pilot: Flying types.

Blackbelt/Battle Girl/Crush Girl: Fighting types.

Bug Catcher/Bug Maniac: Bug Types. Maniacs usually have evolved Pokemon.

Burglar: Fire types, Pokemon that emit smoke such as Koffing/Weezing.

Channeler/Medium/Hex Maniac: Ghost, Psychic & Ghost (for Mediums & HM)

Engineer/Guitarist/Rocker: Electric

Fisherman: Pokemon caught via fishing

Gentlemen/Socialite: Pokemon based on pets

Hiker: Fighting, Ground, and Rock-types. Pokemon found in caves.

Juggler/Clown/Harlequin: Pokemon associated with the circus such as Mr. Mime, Mime Jr., Seel, Phanphy/Donphan, Ponyta/Rapidash, Pokemon that are round such as Voltorb/Electrode. (I've added a few since bulbapedia only lists Mr. Mime, Mime Jr. and Voltorb/Electrode.)

Lass/Youngsters: Pokemon found relatively early, such as those found on the first 2 routes of any region.

Poké Maniac: Pokemon in the Monster egg group

Psychic: Phychic types mainly, sometimes Ghost

Sailor: Water types, the exception being Machop evolutionary line

Scientist: Man made Pokemon, Psychic types

Super Nerd: Electric, Fire, Poison

Swimmer: Water types

Tamer/Collector: Version exclusive, rare Pokemon

Boarder/Skier: Ice Types

Dragon Tamer: Dragon types and Pokemon that look like dragons

Fire breather/Kindler: Fire types

Pokefan: Pokemon in Fairy egg group

Kimono Girl/Sage: Uses Eevolutions, Bellsprout, Hoothoot

Policeman: Growlithe, Herdier, Hoothoot, Fighting types

Rocket Grunt: Rattata line, Ekans line, Sandshrew line, Zubat line, Machop line, Grimer line, Drowzee line, Cubone line, Oddish line, Koffing line, Murkrow line, Houndour line

Twins: complimentary Pokemon such as Plusle, Minun, Clefairy, Jigglypuff, Ledyba, Spinarak that come in pairs. Sometimes 2 of the same Pokemon.

Artist: Pokémon that can learn Copycat and Mimic, such as Bonsly and Mime Jr., as well as Pokémon related to the arts, such as Kricketune and Smeargle

Aqua Admin/Grunt: Water, Poison, Dark

Magma Admin/Grunt: Fire, Poison, Dark, Ground

Ninja: Poison-type Pokémon, Nincada and Ninjask

Aroma Lady: Grass types, Combee

Ruin Maniac: Rock, Ground, Steel

Maid: Field egg group

Idol: Fairy egg group

Galactic Grunt: combination of Glameow, Stunky, Croagunk, Zubat, Houndour, Murkrow, and the Wurmple line

Doctor/Nurse: Psychic, Bug

Janitor: Mincinno line and other Pokemon that like to clean, Trubbish line and Pokemon that represent filth such as Grimer, Koffing

Musician: Pokemon related to singing

Preschooler: Small, cute Pokemon. Usually unevolved

Plasma Grunt: Pattrat line, Purrloin line, Sandile line, Scraggy Line, Trubbish line

I know it's not organized, but I'm sure someone else can do that if they revive this challenge.

So, is that still around, or would I be able to revive it and incorporate my idea from above?
With all of those trainer classes, there's a lot more to it, but it's also a bit less specific and sometimes less is more, right? Well, I can think about the idea and see what I come up with :3 Thanks for letting me know about that :D

@Sydian - Nope, no idea what you're talking about. Unless it has something to do with Holloween :S
But if it's a bit specific to the Challenge forms, I have absolutely no idea at all. Ima new to this section X3
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