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Originally Posted by ComaCalm View Post
I got a HS Triumphant booster today with Bellsprout, Illumise, Spoink, Volbeat, Kricketot, Electabuzz,Yanmega, Magneton, Banette and a Shiny Mew! I only know half of these guys but they're cute! Now to work out what the Ex and X things are that I keep seeing...
That Yanmega is a nice pull! It could fetch you around $20-$25 or so because it has serious play value in competitive play right now.

Are you just a collector or do you intend on playing in tournaments, too? What you would need to know as a collector is that ex and Lv. X were special rare cards printed in the ex sets (sets tied into the third generation games) and Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum sets (sets tied into the first three fourth generation games), respectively. If you are a player, ex cards are souped-up versions of their normal counterparts and supplant that Pokemon on the evolutionary chain, whereas Lv. X cards, while being souped-up versions of their counterparts, "Level Up" from their counterparts instead (basically, they "evolve" without actually "evolving").
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