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This episode was terrible!!!! :(

idk about UK's viewing, and I know some other Aussies haven't seen it so yay spoiler time.

Oh my God, there was something about this episode that didn't seem right. Everything from last season was ruined basically.

- Quin should've stayed @ Glee club
- wtf @ smoking
- Santana = bad again fml
- Blaine joining New Directions = awesome
- Lindsay can sing but I hated the role she played
- Sugar is a stupid idea
- Sue is evil, but that's expected, I don't like that she's running for office though
- What did they do to Emma? She's so different
- Will was right to reject Sugar
- Rachel and Kurt close is weird, doesn't she have a boyfriend for that purpose?
- Blaine x Kurt, however = highlight of the show
- Not enough airtime of the other characters
- What @ Cheerios, I thought they were over or something idk
- Wasn't it meant to be Mercedes x Trouty Mouth dude? I mean he left and all, but whaat, so confused rn

etc etc. I really hope the second episode is better.

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