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    Originally Posted by Kura View Post
    Honestly I completely forgot about those stadiums! That does help, thank you!! @[email protected] I just was battling in the trainer house in the dragon town but there were only 2 people there that you could battle with ;_;

    So yes! It does help a ton!

    Honestly, it kinda surprises me how I ended up with such low-levels at this point of the game. I just opened my DS soo..

    @[email protected] The bird one is Unfeazant (just checked).. right now the pokemon in my party are these.. (I dunno which ones are worth levelling)

    Deino Jolly (level 44)
    Carracosta.. terrible level 41..
    Unfezant level 48 **
    Serperior level 50**
    druddigon (bold) level 34
    Ducklett level 28 ._.

    **= pokemon that I like and that are pretty good right now.

    Also.. um.. I remember like in pearl there are like berries that reverse if you got EV points.. is there something like that in B/W? .__. Just cause I don't remember if I gave my Deino enough attack-evs (halfway through I just started battling randomly in tall grass.. soo... .___.;;

    Trust me, I like.. quadrupledmillion checked. Where my solosis was there was just a blank space. I didn't have him anymore.. and the gothica was nowhere to be found. I thought maybe whoever I traded with pulled something on me. It was my first time trading that way before (I like trading for nicknamed pokemon that aren't gamesharked) but that incident got me so confused I didn't want to do it again.
    .__. It's yeah.. it's not in my boxes or anything. Nothing.. but in my dex it says I have it =_= Weirdest ever!!!

    Anyways.. what do you think of a Scrafty too? Are they good? ._.
    hey i used a jolly druddigon which i EV trained for the elite four and it help me out alot, scrafty is really good physical attacker as well as good defensive stats which i would highly recommend, carracosta i used for one of my run throughs n it was really slow and basically if it ddnt hav sturdy i would have died every time i used it

    what types are you lookin to use for your team?

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