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Originally Posted by 7Mufasa7 View Post
can anyone tell me how to breed flawless pokemon in HG/SS?

i was IV breeding last night and the highest i was able to get was 4 IVs at 31.
how do ppl get all 6?
Well, before you waste anymore time trying to get perfect IVs across the board, I should tell you that that's nearly impossible to do (unless you hack of course, but I don't advise that). There's about a one in 1,073,741,824 chance of getting perfect IVs for all six stats according to Arkeis.

IV's are pretty random. You may sometimes get a Pokémon with really good IVs in two particular stats, but the others might be pretty low on a scale of 0 to 31. If you check out the site, Arkeis, that I linked to you though, you'll see they say,

"However, you can improve the chances of your Pokémon getting good IVs by breeding and producing lots and lots of eggs. If your parent Pokémon have good IVs, then there's a good chance the offspring will have good IVs too." Which is true.

I'd probably say the best way to learn about IVs and breeding to get better IVs, other than natural experience, would be by talking to regular breeders who go about breeding Pokémon for the right IVs on a daily basis. The Trade Corner's Daily Chit Chat might be a good place for that.