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The Daily Chit-Chat

Why hello there PC users! Welcome to the Daily Chit-Chat (Fall/Spring Edition) hosted by your own favorite orange fire breathing dragon.
Have fun, post, discuss, but make sure to follow these rules:

  • This is not a welcome thread, so please don't post saying 'I'm new here blah blah blah', there's a forum for that which is located here. It will be considered spam. Posts saying you're leaving are acceptable, however, add something to them, other than saying 'I'm leaving, bye.'
  • Don't ask what the topic is. Just read through a couple of posts and figure out what it is, but, if the topic is dying, you may change it/revive it.
  • Don't discuss topics that have their own forum, they have their own forum for a reason.
  • Refrain from changing the topic frequently, if it's been changed recently, there isn't a need to do so again, unless it's dying.
  • Don't flame, troll, harass and offend any members. Repeat offenders will be dealt with, regardless of who you are.

As long as you follow the rules posted above, you're welcome to post here. Have fun, chat and if you have any questions, aim them towards the lovely OC moderator Live_Wire466. Without further ado, chat away!