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    Now here's an idea which seems extremely easy, yet I still do not wish to participate

    "Shedinja's Challenge: Sans Wonder Guard, Level 100 Gym Fight!"

    Goal: Get through all of the Gym battles AND Elite Four using lvl 100 Pokemon without sustaining a single hit from an offensive move!

    Conditions: You may use any level Pokemon, but it's expected that you use level 100 Pokemon
    Any Pokemon is okay, even emulation hacks.
    If a pokemon sustains ONE hit from an offensive maneuver (during a Gym Leader Battle), you may no longer use it. If you're using six Slakings and they all get hit, you must try again from the PC. On this note, it's ideal to use the DeSmuMe Emulator, due to its multi-save function.

    Trivial Matter: Save slot at the PC, and if you get blundered, load the recently saved data and act as if you'd whited (or as they FINALLY started saying, Blacked) out. You mmay challenge the leader again, but you must restart when your team has become perfectly imperfect.

    Speed-through - OHKO each Leader Pokemon
    Edinburgh - Using actual Shedinja - easiestestest way to do this
    Stunfisk'd - When your Pokemon actually does Faint (Still Derpin' up your forums)
    Objection! - Hardcore mode - if you sustain a SINGLE hit on any Pokemon, you must retry the gym. Also, the one hit fainting rule also applies to regular trainers! (Yep, Phoenix Wright.)
    Kanto Killstreak - Perform the challenge in Kanto without being defeated once in Objection!
    Johto Gype'd - Perform the Objection! challenge in Johto without a single loss
    Hoenn Honed - Perform the Objection! challenge in Hoenn without a single loss
    Sinnoh Scintillation - Perform the Objection! challenge in Sinnoh without a single loss
    Unova Pride - Perform the Objection! challenge in Unova without a single loss OR ANY PREVIOUS GENERATION POKEMON
    Unova Ultra - Perform the Unova Objection! challenge without a single loss

    Achievement rankings:
    Kanto Killstreak - 100 Gamerscore
    Johto Gype'd - 125 Gamerscore
    Sinnoh Scintillation - 150 Gamerscore
    Unova Ultra - 175 Gamerscore
    Unova Pride - 200 Gamerscore
    Kanto Pride - 200 Gamerscore
    Johto Pride - 200 Gamerscore
    Hoenn Pride - 200 Gamerscore
    Sinnoh Pride - 200 Gamerscore
    Get Stunfisk'd - 0 Gamerscore
    Shinobi - 50 Gamerscore (Edinburgh all the way)
    Power-Player - 100 Gamerscore (Speed-through all the way)
    Badger - 100 Gamerscore (Objection! Completion)
    Skillful Nerd - 500 Gamerscore (Get all the Regional Achieveements)
    I Own Everything - 500 Gamerscore (Get all other Achievements)

    TotalPossible: 2,800 Gamerscore
    If you get all the Gamerscore, you get good kudos.


    Derr PC Family~