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Originally Posted by devilace372 View Post
if you have gt the national dex after beatin N and ghetsis then ye you got access to all the town/ cities so ye you could face all the trainers and that around ther eto help you level up
So thatd be after the elite 4, yes? lol..

Anyways.. sorry to keep asking.. but this is crazy. I had 8 boxes in my PC for the longest time. NOW suddenly I have 16!!! What just happened?! Is it because I went to the dream world for the first time? o___o I can't think of anything else I might've done..

.. Never mind found my answer:

This system can be enhanced by simply putting a Pokémon in each of the boxes. Once you have at least one Pokémon in each of the 8 boxes, when you next access the PC, you will suddenly have a further 8 boxes bringing the total up to 16 so you can store 480 Pokémon. To increase it once again, place a Pokémon in each of these boxes and you'll get the final upgrade up to 24 boxes capable of holding 720 Pokémon. This allows you to store at least one of each Pokémon with plenty of room for extras.

Leaving it here for anyone else who's wondering..
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