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No excuses. I have been lazy lately sleeping about 10 hours plus a day which is a lot more than my usual 5-6 hours and I just check around most of the time save for looking around the RP corner. Joining those new RPs is actually giving me a few good ideas on things so I think it's time we rise from the dead and continued this RP. (I was pretty anxious to start this one.... until most of us decided to go zombie mode.)

And seems like it's only me, Miharu and Sky left on the beach eh? Guess it's time to start talking.... again... or maybe contemplating...
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Guess that anime!
Boy likes girl. Girl doesn't like boy. Boy is heartbroken and mulls around until BAM, he turns into seksay winged bishounen who catches the attention of girl but falls for girl's twin sister who falls for boy who falls for HER and-

Confusing? Betcha.