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    With RHCP's permission I'm submitting a character sign-up.

    Xoxaa Lizarkia


    At the onset of adolescence, Xoxaa is developing in to a fine and attractive young woman, but if you'd ask her, she'd describe herself modestly. Her skin is a slightly tanned peachy color and is well cared for, with few visual flaws, but like everyone, not perfect. Her hair is a soft, rich auburn, often put up in two spiky long ponytails in the back with a few strands left out front covering part of her forehead and her ears. Her hairstyle gives her a cute appearance, which is in no part counteracted by her eyes. The girl's eyes are a vivid green that complements her hair well, both in cuteness and their shine. She has a well proportioned face, and a youthful one at that, though she has a cute face to match her hair and eyes. Her body has a pretty decent, healthy build. She's a bit of an athlete, with decently sized leg and arm muscles and little body fat, her body is well built for the outdoors where she is used to being living in the outskirts of Pallet City.

    Even just making her way to her teenager years, her development of feminine features is well in progress. With a larger breast size compared to others her age as well as some development in her hips and rear hint at the development of some fine feminine features as her adolescence progresses. Her athleticism seems to do little to hamper the development of her feminine assets. In fact, they accentuate them well, build her leg and arm strength to give her developed and healthy leg and arm muscles, implying her good health. She's of about average height, being around 5' 6" and is at a healthy weight. Her physical fitness is likely to be greater than most of her peers due to they being accustomed to the easy life of advanced technologies and the sedentary lifestyle it promotes, thus giving her not only an advantage in fitness, but a cleaner and healthier appearance as well.

    Her clothing style is mostly modest until you get below the belt, but it sports a casual, functional and athletic yet fashionable style, albeit a little suggestive in some areas. She usually wears colorful shirts, sometimes thick sweaters in cold weather that completely cover her torso. Often her shirts are blank, bear the name of various local and regional sports teams, schools, or just certain scenery or her favorite Pokemon, in particular Dragonair. However she almost exclusively wears mini skirts, even in cold weather, though she comes prepared with long, thick and vibrantly colored socks with varying patterns such as stripes and dots for such conditions. Her socks are shorter in warmer weather, ending below her knees and are often also very colorful, though they tend to be blue most often. She also wears stylish but adventure ready white boots so she can tackle any obstacle in the wilderness and look great doing it. She also wears soft black and green trainer gloves that cover her fingers, enabling her to have a good grip on her pokeballs and to keep her hands clean with all of the harmful substances one can encounter on an adventure with Pokemon.

    Xoxaa is quite the energetic character in an environment she's comfortable in. She can be quite loud and goofy around good friends and she has a bit of a mischievous side too. When it's crunch time, she will rise to the challenge and face it head on. Her brave nature complements her overly dramatic streak, often one to describe something a little too strongly. Her goofy behavior rubs off on others in different ways, but more often it tends to make her look too cute, so others tend to not take her seriously because of it. Still, she tends to be a reliable, trustworthy and protective ally, and prefers to operate on gut instinct over careful analysis. However, if she has time to analyze a situation, she'll do it and do it well.

    Most wouldn't expect it at first glance, but Xoxaa is also a very critical person, though she doesn't always express it. She pushes her Pokemon hard to excel, and can be very blunt about others as well, though she is less likely to express it as her honesty has gotten her in trouble in the past. Even her food she is picky about, and although she loves to eat, she loves to eat top quality food only. Her overachieving nature often hides her intelligent side, which is scarcely seen except in a serious discussion or in a heated Pokemon battle. Her goofy behavior often hides her most important trait, wisdom. Good friends will know her for being supportive and giving much needed wisdom in rough times.

    Xoxaa's first impression to others often leads people to recognize is her shyness, but she's especially shy around strangers, especially bigger people and people who seem too interested in her too soon. She's also easy to blush, so she's known to do a variety of things under social anxiety such as running away and hiding, or curling up into a ball and hiding her face. She doesn't have much social pizazz as it stands and makes up for it by being obnoxious, which unfortunately backfires a lot. Sometimes her socially awkward behavior will be seen by older people as her just being cute, which only embarrasses her more and makes the symptoms worse.

    The girl is also quite modest, which you normally wouldn't expect with her behavior. She doesn't like to brag much and will downplay any praise you give her. This is not to be confused with her confidence, as she's fairly skilled at keeping them both in check.

    Xoxaa grew up further in to the city before her family moved to the outskirts of Pallet City. There, her mother ran a Pokemon daycare company, where she would watch over other trainers' Pokemon and even train them and teach them new moves. Her mother's company was particularly popular amongst the anti-robot crowd who prefered their Pokemon to be processed and cared for by real people and not robots. Growing up as a toddler, Xoxaa was introduced to Pokemon right away, but her playful and eccentric nature was often too much for the Pokemon, so they attacked her. Since then, Xoxaa has always been a little timid around new Pokemon until she got to know them better. Still, Xoxaa was intent on learning and befriending Pokemon. Especially once she started preliminary and elementary school in the inner city where she lived, her inability to develop friendships and being a victim of harassment made her desire to befriend Pokemon ever so stronger.

    Then, Xoxaa's family decided to move to the city's outskirts, and thus change school districts. Her mother had managed to move to the countryside where she bought more land to expand her countryside ranch she had owned previously that housed her own Pokemon from past travels to also be the new site of her Pokemon daycare business. Not only did the family's profits soar from caring for the Pokemon in a more natural setting, Xoxaa got to enjoy the outdoors much more with her mother and the Pokemon there, establishing a greater sense of freedom and understand of these mystical creatures. School was still a place of harassment, but she could always come home later in the day and play in her mother's ranch with the Pokemon, that is if they didn't shun her either.

    As she grew older, she developed more confidence in herself, participating in local sports and school athletic clubs where she improved on her athletic talent. Her peers developed more respect for her, but not quite enough to end the harassment, sometimes even leading to physical abuse. Even some of her martial arts classes did little to help. Xoxaa also learned more advanced knowledge of Pokemon from her mother, preparing her for the day where she could finally become a trainer. That day would come sooner than she thought, but the day came, and now Xoxaa hopes to become an accomplished trainer just like her mother was.

    Starter Choice
    Dratini, Male, Shed Skin

    Pokétop Look
    Xoxaa's poketop is a bit different from the others, where the top of it is a band that spans the top of her head like headphones, but appears to be move of a headband of sorts with green and blue stripes on it. On top of it is a rotating see-through visor that from the outside look similar to large sunglasses sitting on her head. When her poketop activates, the visor drops, covering the entirety of the top half of her face while the headband allows it to stay on her head. There's also another band that goes behind her head to stabilize the poketop. Her poketop is mostly a mix of green and blue stripes excluding her visor, which functions as the visual component of her poketop.

    Character Theme Song
    I may add one later, but ATM I'll leave it blank yet not quite blank.

    Hope it's to your liking.
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