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It's time for new poetry! YAY!
Anyways, these are two new poems I wrote. Each of these are a little... diferent then the others in terms of style. Especially The Willow.
So, without further ado... my new poems.
Candlelight Breath
A sudden gust of wind
Tears the paper from my hand
And I rush to find them
They land in the flames
I watch them burning
The final words you gave to me
Now I am left with nothing
The smallest flame takes away from me

Rage for the hour
Mourn remaining days
Candlelight, hated sight
I see your face no more

I wish away the sunlight
I turn away from night
I watch in empty silence
As flames engulf the world

The Willow Tree
Leaves like teardrops
Reaching for the earth
Bound in one place
Watching life pass quickly by

A dawn, sky painted,
Waiting for the sun
To give away its generous light
To this unthankful tree

Freedom restricted by the earth
Sky waiting for rebirth
When lonely tidings come to pass
The willow withers away at last

When I wrote these, it had been a good long break from writing for me. In fact, I beleive In the Garden of the Burning Rose was the last one before The Willow Tree. When I finally picked up a pen again, I noticed my writing style had changed. Probably something to do with my overall mood lately. Things have been going strangely well, and I don't have the bleak despair that I used to write all the other poems here now. I guess you could call these sad still, but they're not the same as anything else here.
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