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    (OOC: I am in control of Cress in till his 'puppet master' decides to come back and post.)

    Suicune turned to Valorie. she walked around her, inspecting her. Adriane made sure Valorie and clearly mouthed the words 'Don't attack Valorie'. Suicune finally stopped.

    "I'll take you to the other legendaries, but we must hurry."Suicune said.

    Adriane turned to mew and whispered. "Mew, contact Cress. I'll connect in and tell him whats going on."

    Mew nodded and closed her eyes, focusing. Adriane did the same and stood stone still.

    "Cress, its Adriane and Mew. Suicune is taking us to the other legendaries. We're going to try to explain to them all humans arn't all evil. Are you in or are you out?"Adriane asked once she knew the connection had been made.

    "I don't think I can escape."Cress replied."But if you can find me a way out, be my guest and I'll come."

    "Suicune, can you call off your guards to save our friend Cress where he can come with us?"Adriane asked Suicune allowed.

    "Of course."Suicune said."Stay here."

    Suicune rushed off, and a few minutes later returned with Cress.

    "We must hurry."Suicune said.

    Adriane closed her eyes and focused, and she was off the ground.

    "Its do or die guys."She said to the others."Lets get this saving on the road!"

    Mew flew up next to her.

    "You heard her, come on!"Mew said.

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