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I'd like to be a dragon. Not a Rider, just a dragon.

Name: Praxis
Age: 42
Gender: Male

Appearance: A massive brown dragon, with bright green eyes and two large horns sweeping back from his forehead. Large three-clawed hands, and a body designed to stand either bipedal or quadrapedal. ((Picture attached below.))

Personality: Praxis may not be the brightest of dragons, but he possesses a savage, brutal cunning that most friends and foes overlook. He is wild and easily angered, with all the grace and subtlety of an earthquake. While he enjoys lording his strength over others, Praxis prefers short, violent ends to conflict.

Full of himself and believing himself better than other dragons, Praxis rarely makes contact with them, and resents taking orders or being on a team. For this reason, he lives a solitary life in a remote location, seeing himself as king of new domain. However, his dislike for humans and elves exceeds his dislike of dragons, and he sees the war as an opprotunity to both curb their rampant growth and prove his right to lead to the other dragons.

History: The child of gold Bruticus, a mighty dragon warrior, Praxis was always keen to follow his father's footsteps. When he was only 2 weeks old, he ventured forth into his desert home, eager to hunt for his first meal and prove his worth. He attacked the first creature he saw, a massive scorpion. This ended badly when the scorpion's sting penetrated Praxis' skull, instantly incapacitating the hatchling. His mother, the green Zorak, intervened and nursed Praxis back to health, but his father had turned his back on him.

Praxis would never regain his father's approval, as Bruticus was slain 7 years later, after attacking a human city rumored to have a dragon egg. Bruticus himself started the rumor, and the humans were forgiven for their actions, as they had responded in self-defense. Zorak moved on, but Praxis couldn't, and his mother left him in his new home. As Praxis grew over the years, he became a skilled hunter, but never knew if his father would approve of him, all because of the humans.

Praxis left the desert, where he would occasionally encounter humans or other dragons, and found a new home in a far-off forest. The local elven community feared and respected him, and Praxis procliamed himself king over their tiny village. As proof, he demanded they forge him a crown of steel, plated in gold. The elves complied, and let him hunt any animals he wished. Praxis soon became bored with his compliant subjects, and wished for anything interesting to happen.

Soon, the Prince and Princess were kidnapped and the elves blamed banded together to drive Praxis away, furious at dragonkind for their warmongering, and Praxis in particular for his tyrannical ways. Praxis swore revenge on the traitorous elves, and decided that he would avenge his father's death at the hands of the humans he had attacked. Even if it meant returning to his own kind.

RP Sample:
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