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    Here's my SU. Hopefully it's good enough. I'm not done with it yet, but I'l tell you when I am. I'm finished! :D

    Name: Lika Forbin (Human)
    Age: 28
    Gender: Female

    Weapon of Choice: While she is a master her of many weapons, her best, and prefered, weapon is her Longsword she is rarely seen without.

    Personality (The longer the better, but at least 4-6lines): Lika is ery much a braggert. She is extremely boastful about her skills and achievements. She even claims she is a Master of Weapons, though not many people believe her. However, her claims are true. She is very skilled with many different kinds of weapons. Unfortunately, she is also rather easy to provoke. Hot headed and arrogant, she is always willing to prove just how skilled she is. In her mind, she is the best of the best, and thus far in her life, she has yet to be proven wrong. When not actively fighting or boasting, she is quite kind and willing to help others. She fancies herself a mercenary for hire, though her heart often leads her to take low paying jobs and not earn any money. She also has a gambling and drinking problem, and whenever she gets a spare cent she's off to gamble and drink it away. By a strange twist of fate, she hates the taste of alcohol, despite being addicted to it. She often wonders why she doesn't have much money to live on.

    History (Same as Personality): Like was the second daughter of an aging noble. In her youth she was raised to be a bodyguard to her older sister. The two of them were very close. During a trip to the capital city, the two girls were set upon by bandits. When the fighting ended, Lika was left injured and her sister lay dead. Lika quickly recovered and went after the bandits for revenge. While she was away, her father died, leaving her the only heir to his power. She single handedly slew the bandits, and returned home, only to find that she was now the lady of the manor. Racked with grief for her loss and guilt for not being there, she turned to gambling and the drink. On her first time, she won something very rare, a dragon egg. She didn't ask where it came from, but she decided to cherish it. However, her luck did not hold, and she soon lost everything except the sword of her family, her signet ring, and the baby dragon she was raising. She set out on the road to escape the debt collectors, and began training her Hatchling, whom she had named Azure. She decided that the pair of them could have a pretty good life as mercenaries. After another three and a half years, she and Azure took the Dragon Rider test, and passed with fairly good scores, becoming Dragon Riders. Since then, they have been looking for a new job, trying to live as best they can. The recent events weigh heavily on Lika, though she tries not to show it. She wants to find out what happened, but keeping herself and Azure safe and full will always come first.

    Name: Azure
    Age: 4
    Gender: Female
    Appearance:The picture below is what she looks like. Azure is a very small dragon, just barely big enough to be ridden. In truth, she can not carry very much weight, mainly only Lika and her belongings. Her wings and tail are fairly large for her size, adding speed to her as well as extra balence. Her bony frame is perfectly aerodynamic, and she is capable of great speed and can make icredibly fast and short turns. However, being so small, she is not as durable or as powerful as bigger dragons. Though, that tends not to be an issue, as her claws are razor sharp and she has a faily powerful bite for a dragon of her size.

    Personality (The longer the better, but at least 4-6lines): Azure is just as arrogant about her skills as her partner, and like Lika, she lives up to her expectations. However, unlike Lika, she does not feel the need to constantly brag and boast about them. In fact, the concept greatly annoys her. She feels it should be enough that she knows she is better. She is very difficult to provoke, and often serves as the calming influence on Lika, resolving disputes and soothing her anger. The gambling often annoys Azure, however she is fully capable of hunting for herself, so she lets it go with some minor protesting. She is as kind hearted as her partner, and is always willing to help others. She has a strange sense of humor and enjoys emberrassing Lika.

    History (Same as Personality): Azure was an egg when her parents were slain. She was taken from her nest and passed around and around until she ended up in the hands of an old knight. This knight was kind and tried to get her to hatch, but she refused. He wasn't the one she wanted. Soon, the knight was killed in a battle and her egg changed hands again. The man that owned her this time was a gambler. He soon lost her in a card game to Lika. Azure knew from the moment Lika touched her egg that she was the one. Azure hatched and the pair instantly bonded. When Lika lost everything to her gambling addiction and the two of them set out on the road, Azure was only a few months old. Over the years, she grew and became stronger, faster and better. She is an amazing flier, and her small frame makes her incredibly agile. When she was big enough to fly with Lika on her back, the pair of them took the test to become fully fledged Dragon Riders. They passed with average scores, despite their combined talents, and were on their way again. Azure feels very strongly connected to the dragons and wants to find out what is going on more than anything, though she is more preoccupied with taking care of Lika.

    RP Sample (Or other sample): This is taken from Birth of Legends.

    A portal opened in the ancient gate. The worn stone structure was crumbling from the age of many centuries. A Gallade stepped out into the sunlight. He turned around and used his psychic powers and sealed the gate back. He extended his mind across the continent in search of one that was as he was.

    "Elder Fin. I have arrived. How was your journey," Monart asked. Fin grumbled at him, which he ignored. He really didn't care how the aging Spiritomb was. He had just been ordered to check in with him by Zeck. Well, it was time to get moving. He took a few steps and then stopped. He sensed a life form near him. He pulled a bush aside to reveal a Snivy. He was very young, likely still a child. He was tugging feebly on an apple with his vines. Monart walked into view, and the child turned to him with a naive look on his face. Poor kid trusted everyone. And that was going to get him in trouble today.

    "Hey Mister! can you help me get that apple!" the boy asked. Monart gave him an icy stare which seemed to pass over the boy's head. This kid was without fear. Monart chuckled a little bit and used his Psychic to make the apple explode. The boy gasped, shocked and glared at Monart.

    "You did that on purpose!" he said.

    "No, of course not. Forgive me, I was just a little too excited about meeting someone from the forest Tribe. I am Monart. And you are?" Monart said serenly, there anyone smart would have caught the dark tone in his voice. So, naturally, the boy had no idea. His eyes shone with joy.

    "Talmire! Son of Tolsa, the second in command of the Forest Guardians!" Talmire said with joy. So, he was the child of someone important was he? Perfect! Monart used teleport on the boy, sending him right to Fin.

    "Elder Fin, I am sending you a gift for Matron Gres. I'm sure you will understand when he arrives," Monart said. He continued walking toward his destination. That would set things in motion quite well. Now he had to get the Tribe to trust him. Then... He would carry out Zeck's orders.

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