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    Making my move to earn that reservation now. Here's my sign up.




    The young half elf woman is a striking figure, to be sure. She's certainly no goddess gracing the mortal races, but she certainly looks her age, if not younger, and definitely inherits the beauty of the elven race. She has no shortage of feminine features, having the bust, the hips, and the rear that draws the eyes of several onlookers. Her ears are also shorter than most elves, only extending a few inches diagonally from her head, but are still pointy, a trait she shares with her elven heritage. Xoxaa's facial features are also quite fair, but she has more of a childish face, giving her a cute appearance. She also bears some tattoos on her face, including thick blue lines intersecting her eyes and horizontal thunderbolt-esque markings on her cheeks. Being no stranger to her elven heritage, her skin is also smooth and bears few flaws, the most noticeable if any being scars from various escapades. Unlike her elven blood, her skin is fairly more tanned than most elves, evidencing her human heritage and the fact she spends her time outside of civilization often. She also doesn't share the noble apparel that sets selves apart from most humans.

    Xoxaa's hair is one of the most off-putting quirks of her appearance. Often put up in to two long ponytails in the back, many don't take her childish and wild appearance seriously, but it suits her well enough. Her rich, auburn hair, despite her lower class visage, is shockingly well cared for. How she gets it to appear so soft, shiny, and clean is a mystery to many, but she gets the job done. Her hair is slightly curved, giving it a wavy appearance, even when put up in ponytails. She lets a fair amount of her hair fall freely off to the sides of her face and some bangs up top angled just outside of the range of her eyes as to not hinder her vision. The naturalist and inner elf in her also loves to insert various flowers in to her hair, tucked behind her ears and incorporated in to the ivy ribbons used to tie up her ponytails that give them their shape, all of various colors and flora species. She replaces them often to keep their colorful appearance. Her eyes also complement her hair well, a glistening emerald hue with a shine reminiscent of her elf blood allowing her to examine the world with her curious, green eyes.

    Her attire is most humbling in what appears to be rags sewn together. Xoxaa's garb is crafted mostly from the hides and scales of wild beasts and chainmail she had forged from various regions, colored in a variety of dull grays, silvers, darker grays and blacks. The gear she wears is compact, light, built for the road, and ideal for agile combat while providing suitable defenses. Even though portions of her body are fully exposed, one could argue in all of the years she's been on the road, she hasn't died yet. Her boots, rising just short of her knees and built to insulate her feet and allow for quick and agile movements are constructed with scaled plating tied in by metal rings over a hide mold, much like most of her equipment. She also arms her boots by applying several spikes on the bottoms which also act as cleats, the heels, and the toe, allowing her to harness her boots as a painful weapon as well. The girl's gloves are of a similar make, extending to her elbows using the same format as her boots, as well as sharing her boots' offensive qualities with metal spiking on her gloves' knuckles to add more oomph to her punch.

    The style of her garments carry in to her breastpiece, guarding the tops of her shoulders and the core of her chest, extending down to her hips, appearing as a scalemail dress so to speak with an animal hide base. Its light yet solid make allow Xoxaa efficient movement for light combat yet suitable protection, while also suiting a hidden (no pun intended) side effect that complements her figure about as well as her armor aids her in combat. Her chestpiece is bound by her waist with a belt made in the same fashion as her other garments with various tidbits allowing her to store tools for use in various circumstances. Her armor is, despite looking a little tattered, is durable, cleaned often and thus well cared for to optimize its use. Xoxaa is rarely seen in casual clothing, but when she is, it looks as if she's wearing various stained rags and animal hides sewn together.

    Weapon of Choice
    In combat, Xoxaa mixes various martial arts with the use of her dual long-bladed axes, allowing her versatility in combat. She also is proficient in infusion magic, where she can add various magical elements to her physical style of combat. In some cases she can use freestyle magic independent of her martial arts or blades, but her abilities are minor. She also utilizes bladed crescent throwing blades to extend her range of combat to compensate for her weakness in ranged combat. She can also infuse magic with her throwing blades as well, but it is usually weaker as well.

    Sometimes Xoxaa, the naturalist that she is, can use her magics to cooperate with animals or sometimes even shapeshift as a result, but her shapeshifting is more along the lines of a man-beast hybrid instead of turning in to an animal. However, she rarely does this.

    The shyness of Xoxaa is her strongest trait by far to strangers. She's not too comfortable around unfamiliar faces, often avoiding eye contact, looking towards the ground, not talking much, or just avoiding them all together. Under intense pressure, she's easy to blush, and the reddening of her plump, youthful cheeks only make her deeply embarrassed and even more uncomfortable in public company. Xoxaa has a kind heart and is friendly in good company, but her intense shyness around others keeps her quiet and to herself. Because her warmheartedness is kept inside because of her social anxiety, she has a hard time reaching out to others, but when the opportunity arises, her uplifting disposition rubs off on others. Once she warms up to people, she can be pretty silly and easygoing and is good company to have around. Her honesty and loyalty aren't negative qualities to have around either, exhibiting Xoxaa as a good ally and friend to have on your side.

    The innocent shy girl many see Xoxaa as is often a misleading persona in the thick of conflict. She is a strong willed person and fiercely protective of her friends, and while she is slow to anger, her fury when in an enraged state virtually doesn't end. The girl is very intelligent but she doesn't always think things through or speak coherently or very intelligently at all, warping people's perceptions of her. It's not too rare to see her charge in to a conflict headstrong and confront a challenge straight on. She often suffers from the burden of others counting her out or deeming her incompetent due to her clumsy and goofy demeanor which is tough to convince others of an alternative perspective when adversity strikes. Her unshakable will in tough circumstances allow her to push through adversity when others may break and she has the ability to inspire hope and confidence in her peers not so much through speaking but by her brave and selfless actions in dire moments.

    Xoxaa is not too fond of people in general, but men especially. She has a distaste for society and thus avoids it when she can. She's a staunch individualist that lives off the land, and thus often treats others as individuals, so she isn't as prone to judge another as someone more glued to societal standards. Xoxaa also has a guilty pleasure for good food and is hesitant to share something she really enjoys. Never steal her food unless you like excruciating pain.

    Xoxaa was born from a relation between, you guessed it, a human and an elf. Her father was a traveling man of a military brigade who was stationed near an elven village where he made love with an elven woman. The result, a half-breed months later. However, her father was unable to stay long after and was reassigned, so Xoxaa never got to know her father. She grew up in a society that looked down upon her for her mixed heritage. As a result, she grew distant from others, often staying at home with her mother. However, things were to get much worse. Rogue dragons attacked the elven village, burning it to the ground and killing many, including Xoxaa's mother. Fortunately, Xoxaa managed to escape, forced to find a way to survive at a young age by foraging in the woods. What she did learn from her mother would come in handy. Wilderness survival would be essential, though at the time it seemed Xoxaa had a bleak future ahead of her, until one day where she discovered something truly enchanting.

    The raid of rogue dragons had left something behind, an egg. Xoxaa didn't know what it was, but she was drawn to it, and so she kept the peculiar obsidian egg company. It took days, weeks, where she began to feel as if the egg was calling out to her. It wouldn't be long before the egg hatched, spawning a powerful creature. A mighty dragon was born, but it was a strange species indeed. The newborn dragon was instantly attached to Xoxaa, and so they began to travel together. Her dragon friend allowed her to hunt game which made survival easier. As Xoxaa and her dragon traveled together, their bond and teamwork grew. Before long, they would be inseparable. Xoxaa would name her companion Xgok as well, an unusual pair, and an especially unusual way to make her way in to the ranks of the Dragon Riders, though unofficially.

    As they grew older, Xoxaa and Xgok became bounty hunters, hunting criminals, earning money and a reputation, and became better fighters as a result. Xoxaa was able to learn martial arts and use small weapons as she learned from various teachers from town to town. Before long, the team would be known throughout the countryside as the go-to bounty hunters, and as they traveled the wilds, Xoxaa even managed to pick up some affinity for minor magic. However, it wouldn't be long before this team would be discovered by more than just villagers.

    Xgok "Lightning Lizard"



    Xgok is a dark reptile, ebony scales that make him in to the shadows themselves in the night. His underside is a blue that glistens in the light. His scales, both black and blue if examined carefully, are even somewhat transparent. His eyes are a cold, blood red, that are keen on intimidating both friend and foe alike. Though to some extent he still has a cute, hatchling face. After all, Xgok is still a very young, just barely old enough and large enough to be able to be ridden by his companion, Xoxaa. He has extra long blue claws, slightly transparent just like his scales that help him climb unstable surfaces, grip the ground when necessary, dig holes quickly, and of course act as a lethal weapon against enemies. Most interesting is his scaly mane, made of long, scaled bristles that circle behind his jaw and crowning the top of his head, giving him the appearance of a lion's mane, but with hard, sharp bristles instead of soft fur.

    This young dragon is a unique species that isn't born with wings. Though in the future he may develop them, he remains grounded for the time being. However, his wing membrane is beginning to form, with two hard spikes growing symmetrically to each other on the tops of his sides. Xgok has powerful hind legs for fast ground travel, and his muscle is notable in his forelegs as well. His teeth are long, forming several rows of thin, needle-like sapphire blades that make his mouth look like some form of organic iron maiden. Still, some may not be too intimidated by Xgok, seeing as he still has the broodling look to him with his cute face and his seemingly fragilre companion, but nonetheless, Xgok is a fierce opponent and his sharp bits don't lie.

    Weapon of Choice
    Like any dragon, Xgok uses his claws, teeth, tail, and other parts of his hard body to inflict serious damage. Flight is something he can't do yet, but he does have one unique technique, though it taxes him greatly, the ability to exhale lightning.

    The cold and quiet dragon Xgok doesn't have too much to him. He is embarrassed by emotions and feelings, so often he tries to hide them. He's also incredibly shy, just like his companion Xoxaa. However, Xoxaa sees through him every time and he couldn't hide anything from Xoxaa no matter how hard he tried. This reveals Xgok's sensitive and compassionate side. He doesn't seek conflict out, but has no problem standing up for and protecting his allies. This young dragon is fiercely protective of those he cares for, and despite his cold visage, he has a larger heart than most would imagine. Xgok is honest and merciful, and in some cases even naive, more easily able to trust others. Fortunately he has Xoxaa to help counsel him and to provide wisdom and support when he needs it. The dragon can be easily agitated by actions he deems cruel, inhumane, or just destructive. Truly evil deeds can throw Xgok in to an rage that is stoppable only by his closeness to Xoxaa. In such blind anger, he can become more destructive than those he seeks to destroy. In many ways, Xgok struggles to control his emotional reactions. Xgok values friendship and freedom more than anything, and he and Xoxaa are partners forever to him. However, Xgok has two big guilty pleasures, meat and sleep.

    Xgok was the victim of abandonment, left by his pack in the woods for some reason unknown to Xgok as he was still growing inside of his egg. However, he was fortunate enough to find a companion in Xoxaa who helped raise him. Before long, their bond became strong. They hunted, played, and slept together. Xgok only knows his life with this half-breed girl, but he is satisfied. Though he still wonders what his family couldn't see in him even as an egg. Though Xoxaa has been able to comfort him, his heart seeks answers to his abandonment by his pack. Still Xgok grew and grew over the years, from being a small creature Xoxaa could hold in the palm of her hand, to be a creature that she can utilize for faster transportation. His development had even gotten to the point where he learned in the confrontation with a gang of bandits that he could unleash lightning from his mouth. Still it is a taxing ability, and seems to work only under intense pressure when his adrenaline is activated.

    With the bizarre political unrest growing in the world, Xgok is distraught with questions: about his past, if his abandonment is a side effect of the attack on humans and elves by the dragons, and how might this conflict can be resolved. In times with these questions, Xgok relies on Xoxaa's friendship now more than ever.

    RP Sample
    This is taken from an RP I'm in on a separate forum:

    It was noon. The sun burned harmoniously in the sky, illuminating the endless skies to paint a bright, light blue mask over the dark void beyond Earth's atmosphere. It would be a fine day for a young aspiring to-be-trainer to begin on the adventure of a lifetime.

    Professor Bill had urgent errands to attend to, and thus his top students were taken via helicopter to the revered school, Pallet Academy and Cedar Labs. A rival academy no less, to the Cerulean Academy where they had come from. It especially held a place in the heart of one young girl.

    She would be returning to Pallet Academy for a different reason, but it still played vividly in her mind, as if she were at a movie theatre. The day where her volleyball team traveled to Pallet Town and went up against their academic rivals' school volleyball team in the Kanto Volleyball Championships.

    It was a hard fought battle, broadcasted across all of Kanto. With a narrow victory, Cerulean Academy's Lapras won the championship over their rivals, the Pallet Academy's Ivysaurs.

    Although this had occurred just earlier this past school year, this girl was dreaming of her team's hard-fought victory. Dreaming literally that is, as she was asleep while enduring the loud noise of a helicopter in motion. That is until it landed. The machine rumbled as it made contact with the ground. As a volleyball came towards this unaware girl, what seemed to be the ball's collision with her head brought her back in to the waking world. Looking out her seat's window, she had arrived at Pallet Academy once again, this time to begin her journey as a Pokemon trainer.

    She made her way up the hill to the entrance to Cedar Labs where she would get all that she needs to begin her journey. Her excitement could barely even be contained, and yet it was. Her eyes sparkled with the reflection of light as she approached the door, reaching for the handle at a steady pace.

    The lab was a big place. Instantly, the girl's excitement was crushed by the sheer force of intimidation that came over her. She was frozen in place, barely able to move herself. It was another one of those moments where her shyness overcame her.

    "Hello? Are you one of the students from Cerulean Academy?" a woman's voice echoed through the labs.

    The girl's intimidation couldn't be shaken. She remained frozen in front of the door.

    The clanking noise of the woman's shoes echoed closer and closer, turning a corner to witness a young girl paralyzed by fear.

    "Oh, hello there! You're from Cerulean Academy, no? What's your name?" the older woman asked.

    The girl stared blankly, too intimidated to speak or even make eye contact.

    "Oh, well, would you like to get your starter then?" she asks, in a calmer, quieter voice, extending her hand out to the girl.

    Without changing her glance, the girl's hand, shaking slightly, makes contact with hers. The older woman guides the girl in to the lab where she is holding the pokeballs sent from Professor Bill.

    Letting go of the girl's hand to gather some supplies, the girl looks around the lab to look at what is in the lab. She notices the statue of the legendary birds and stares it.

    "Fascinating, isn't it? I hope to see them someday. Maybe you can help me with my dream, hmm?" the woman asks the girl, handing her a pokedex and 5 pokeballs.

    "You're Xoxaa, correct?" the woman asks.

    The girl nods her head slowly, still too shy to speak.

    "Well then, I have your badge case you asked for, plus the starter you ordered from Bill. Here you go!" the woman says cheerfully, handing Xoxaa the rest of the supplies she needs to begin her journey.

    "Good luck!" the woman beams, Xoxaa making her way to the exit of the labs.

    OutsideXoxaa sat under a tree just outside of Cedar Labs, on a hill overlooking Pallet Town. The girl enjoyed the sights and the natural beauty of Pallet Town before looking down at her green and blue bag. Her newly acquired starter was resting in its pokeball, unable to enjoy the calm breeze sweeping over the hill. She knew what starter she wanted and she was too anxious to hold back her suspicions of what the pokeball contained.

    Xoxaa reaches into her bag, grabbing the enlarged pokeball and pressing the open button, causing a beam of light to shoot forth, taking the silhouette of a snake-like Pokemon.

    Its shiny scaly blue skin gleamed in the sunlight. The creatures big purple eyes shined curiously, mesmerizing its trainer into a state of bliss. Xoxaa's sparkling green eyes and her drooling mouth, though paralyzed in fascination, gave a different message to the unsuspecting creature that came from the pokeball.

    "D-D-DRATINI!!!" she squeals, echoing across the countryside.

    Xoxaa leaps forward to smother her newly acquired friend. However, Dratini did not oblige. Horrified by this girl's deranged expression, he launches himself in to the air, missing Xoxaa's loving arms and causing her to eat the dirt, hitting the ground after Dratini bounces off of Xoxaa's red head and catapults itself into the tree.

    Dratini, its body wrapped around a tree branch too high up for Xoxaa to reach, looks down at its miserable trainer with a skeptical look on its face. A few seconds later, she slowly gets up, sitting on her legs as she turns her head to the left slowly. Horrified by the thought of its trainer's next expression, Dratini inches toward the tree trunk, shivering slightly in fear. Instead, Dratini witnesses not an expression of anger or frustration, but a girl with fluid pouring from her eyelids. Xoxaa seemed to be at the verge of sobbing hysterically.

    Dratini was certainly taken aback by what it saw, but instead it remained wrapped up in the tree, trying to remain oblivious to its trainer's wild mood swings. It decided watched the drama ensue from the safety of its tree branch.

    Sniveling, she tries to mutter, "B-bu-but..."

    Sniffling, she struggles to speak, heartbroken by her oh so adorable dratini's reaction to her unending affection. Her emotional experience barely affecting her dratini's expression, she continues to pour her eyes out into the soft green grass and her freshly cleaned pink skirt.

    "Hrmph!" she utters, her tears coming to a stop but still leaving her face drenched and red.

    She jumps to her feet, startling Dratini and almost making it slip and fall from its branch. With a mad, but still hurt expression on her face, she points at Dratini, her hand now shaking.

    "You come down here and give me a big, cuddly hug right now!" she squeaked angrily. "I'm not leaving until you do!"

    And so, the waiting game began. Minutes, passed, then hours. Xoxaa stared at her dratini as it stared back, both watching the other as if it were a duel. As the sun began to skate across the sky, Xoxaa let out a long, drawn out yawn, still glancing at her beloved dratini. It too began to yawn and before long, they both fell asleep simultaneously. In its sleep, Dratini began to slip from its branch before finally tumbling and crashing on to Xoxaa's noggin.

    "YOWCH!!" she screamed, shocked by the impact.

    And then there it was. Dratini awoke in her lap, unaware of what just happened. Before it could react, it was being smothered by its trainer, her cheeks rubbing against Dratini's soft, scaly skin.

    "You're so cuddly and warm," she chirps, squeezing her cute little dratini ever so tightly, Dratini looked like it was about to explode.

    She then finally let go, holding it up in her arms. Xoxaa looked at her dratini with her eyes sparkling with happiness. She gave him another quick hug, and then noticed a peculiar color change on Dratini's face. Could it be? Dratini's cheeks are a purplish-red, with its head turned ever so slightly, unable to make eye contact its trainer.

    "Are you... BLUSHING!?" she exclaims, echoing again across the field.

    Her expression goes from shock to teasing amusement, cat lips and all.

    "Well aren't you the little pervert!" she makes a teasing gesture, leaning in towards Dratini with an inquisitive look on her face to get a very close look at its face.

    Its cheeks explode with red, now unable to look at anything but the cute face of its affectionate trainer. Xoxaa smiles at her new perverted blue Pokemon, its expression frozen in embarrassment.

    "You like girls huh? Pretty girls?" she teases him, the dratini's gender making itself evident.

    The Dratini can't help but blush radiantly now, so embarrassed its eyes are locked shut, making Xoxaa giggle in curiosity and clearly not helping Dratini's predicament.

    "Well, I suppose I can spoil you, huh?" she suggests, looking upward thoughtfully with her left pointer finger on her lip. "You can ride on my shoulders! That way you can look at girls all the time!"

    With Dratini's eyes sparkling with adoration for his new trainer, she holds him in her arms as she tucks her new little friend behind her neck, Dratini wrapping his long slender body comfortable around her neck, still blushing slightly, and falling asleep on her neck once more.

    Smiling once again, she picks up her bag and slings it over her shoulders.

    "I'll name you Xgok. Cute name for a cute dratini!" she declares softly, rubbing Xgok's blue head as he drifts in to sleep, still with a little red on his cheeks.

    "It's time for an adventure! Off to Viridian City!" she announces to the world and Pallet Town below the hill.

    And so, the young trainer and her new perverted Pokemon make their way on a grand adventure in the world of Pokemon. First stop, Viridian City!

    This is going to take quite awhile so I'll create a separate post once I'm finished so you can check out the finished version.
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