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Flygon just sort of... stared at Suicune as the pokemon inspected Valorie. It was hard for her to compromise between being on guard and outright attacking right then. Yet, no orders had been given. That made the difference for her and so she made no move to engage the legendary. Meanwhile, Valorie just sort of shifted uncomfortably when inspected by Suicune. She was somewhat afraid of him, needless to say. It turned out he wasn't going to attack her or anything, though, so she calmed down when he moved away.

Valorie was further surprised when Suicune offered to run off and save who apparently must've been one of their friends. He sure seemed cooperative. She supposed his cooperative nature did give her hope that maybe things would be this easy, yet...

Valorie just sort of mumbled an affirmative response. The response itself didn't seem very important to her, and so she had sort of failed to communicate it properly. She was too distracted by other things such as her thoughts and what was going on in the world around her. She didn't know why she had never thought of trying to fly using her newfound powers before. Perhaps she had just grown comfortable riding atop her pokemon? She supposed that must've been the case. Besides, flying without solid support probably felt weird! She couldn't help but feel incredibly anxious at what Adriane had said. She still feared for her parents, and for her friends oddly enough. She didn't think she was ready to deal with losing her parents. It... wasn't fair. She still depended on them for advice and comfort at times. On top of that, it just wasn't right for all the humans to die! After a moment's thought she climbed back onto Flygon, getting herself comfortable on Flygon's back before ushering her pokemon into the air. Mesprit floated up beside her, keeping pace with Flygon. After a moment, Valorie heard a familiar voice in her head. It was Mesprit's, and she was speaking telepathically.

Mesprit [Telepathy]: "You seem really anxious."

Valorie glanced at Mesprit as they flew up to keep pace with Adriane. She almost opened her mouth to say something when she remembered that she had the power to speak telepathically as well now. It took her a few moments to grasp the power bestowed upon her before she could respond.

Valorie [Telepathy]: "How can I not be..?"

Mesprit mused over this. She supposed Valorie had a pretty good reason to be anxious. Who knew knew how the human race would survive if she failed? After a moment though, the unfortunate implications of what she had thought occurred to her and she found herself emitting a light chuckle despite how serious the situation was. Valorie noticed this, and just sort of became frustrated. How could Mesprit be laughing at a time like this?

Valorie [Telepathy]: "W-What??"

Mesprit was quickly in control again.

Mesprit [Telepathy]: "Oh, it's nothing. I just... thought of something."

Valorie's face took on an expression of anger as she found her question being avoided. Mesprit was just going to laugh and not tell her why? She was kind of aggravated.

Valorie [Telepathy]: "Tell me..!!"

Valorie's tone spoke of frustration. It was a demand, and yet it had a hint of begging in it. All in all, she could tell that Valorie was getting pretty annoyed and was appealing to Mesprit to be kind to her. She mulled it over for a moment before speaking again. She supposed it wouldn't hurt.

Mesprit [Telepathy]: "Well... if you fail, and somehow aren't captured in the process, that boy will effectively be the last boy on earth..."

The implications were now implied. Valorie blushed a light pink and glanced briefly as Mesprit. Her expression was a sort of frustrated embarrassment.

Valorie [Telepathy]: "M-Mespriiit..!!"

Valorie's tone on the other hand was very whiny. She seemed to be protesting the joke. Mesprit couldn't help but smile, though she supposed she shouldn't tease the child anymore. Lest they wind up furious at eachother.

Mesprit [Telepathy]: "You asked..!~"

At that, Valorie went silent. The answer hadn't satisfied her, but she had decided she would rather just move on.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~