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In the Mirror


This idea is by no means my own, the concept for this tour is that of Agammemnon's [Smogon], I really liked the idea he had going, so I figured I'd host a Mirror Tournament. Anyhow, a mirror tournament is one in which its battles take place with both competitors using the same Pokemon, from a given list. In essence, it's a mini metagame made up of 6 Pokemon [in each round], and to win, you must adjust your Pokemon's movesets and determine a play strategy to take down your opponent.


-You may only use the 6 Pokemon from the given list each round, if you use a Pokemon that isn't in the list, and there is proof [even hearsay], you will be dq'd immediately.

-Unreleased and Banned Abilities/Moves cannot be used unless stated otherwise by the tournament host.

-You are free to adjust the Moveset, Item, Ability and EVs/IVs on the Pokemon in any way you see fit.

-All matches must have the Wifi Clause, Evasion Clause, Freeze Clause, Sleep Clause, Self KO Clause and Species Clause on.

-All matches will be played on PC's Pokemon Online Server

-No cheating of any kind

-No rematches will be given

Sign Ups

Forums Username:
Pokemon Online Username:

1. Karpman/Makan [GMT -5]
2. KH Fan Bixran/Bixran [GMT -6]
3. Dragonomega/Lantis/Bacon Meteor [GMT +1]
4. Forever/Shadowtriad [GMT +8]
5. Twilight Sky/Twilight Sky [GMT -5]
6. Phinamthi/Phin [GMT -5]
7. irkanator/IRK [GMT -7]
8. Wolflare/wolf [GMT -5]
9. Alexial357/αℓεxiαℓ [GMT-5]

paired to kaori & vrai