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    Originally Posted by MichaelaTheUchiha View Post
    I would like to say no, less complicated that way.
    That's exactly why I want to make them disappear. I want things to be not so easy.

    Originally Posted by IDoLikeMudkip View Post
    If I were to vote yes it would be for the reason of it adds mystery, fits well (with the chests disappearing and whot), and would add a little more immediate interestingness (it's a word now) with people headed for the group and whot-not.

    That's kinda what I was thinking.

    But on that note, I would like to cast my vote for no, the notes have not disappeared. First it slightly clears up the immediate mud with the approachees. And second the notes were in the chests and everything else that was within the chests has not disappeared, namely our weapons and whot.
    That is an interesting point actually. I hadn't thought of that. But who is to say that the magic guy can't choose what he wanted to disappear. He did conjure it up.
    The reason I don't want the notes is because if they believe the notes, then we get special treatment, and I don't want to walk in to a town and be treated like higher beings... yet...

    And plus, how do we know we can trust these people? Just because we are in "allied territory" doesn't mean that everyone there is gonna be allied. The could be a scouting party/ covert ops team with the enemy, and you want to show them the note and tell them everything about us?

    The RP is gonna be like that. It isn't necessarily gonna be what you expect. At this point, I'll keep it simple. But later you might want to think things through.

    Do you like this system of me asking you guys' opinion on some of the things?
    Do you want to continue this?
    Do you want to see how it goes and then decide? Or just outright forget it.

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