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Originally Posted by Sweet Candace View Post
A Luna episode sounds interesting. Maybe Luna has to assist Twilight perhaps in defeating a monster of sorts.
Possible, I'd love to see that. I really would.
Woo-hoo! Sweet Treat's bio is finished! *Whew...* that was a pain to write.


Name: Sweet Treat
Age: Filly (About a year old)
Gender: Female
Pony Type: Alicorn

--- Character Information: - - -

Hometown: Ponyville
Current City: Ponyville

About her: Sweet Treat is a young filly who lives in Ponyville with her parents, Neos Spirit and Pinkie Pie. Sweet Treat has features of both 
her mother and father in her. Her father's alicorn features like a horn and wings, while she has her mother's mane and eyes and body structure.
Sweet Treat, however is little different, though. She's very emotional. When she's sad, she'll tear up and cry, while when happy everypony
around her will feel her warmth of happyness. Other than that, she has personality traits of her parents as well. She's shy and timid like her
dad at times, as well as short tempered and easily frustrated when ideas go bad or horribly wrong. She is also quite like her mother, loving
to throw a big party and making others laugh, however there are times where her mother's opposite side appears in her, too. Sweet Treat loves 
to read, learn and tries to make friends, however she is quite quiet and calm, most of the time. She's a happy-go-lucky pony like her mother. 
Her color scheme is unique as well. Her skin is a crystal white with her mane being a royal blue. At times, a hint of gold will randomly shimmer from 
her mane for some unknown reason. It is known that her underwing area are a golden color.

Cutie Mark: Since she is still a young filly, she hasn't earned her cutie mark yet.

Form(s): The form's name is unknown, however in an unfinished comic/fanfiction, Sweet Treat is bullied on her first day of school by Diamond Tiara,
who taunts Sweet Treat for claiming she just want to be accepted as every other pony. When Cheerilee tries to stop Tiara's taunting, she gets a first hoof
experience of Sweet Treat's sheer, raw power. Sweet Treat's mane turns flat/straighten and it's color changes from it's bright royal blue to a nightmare-ish
blue. Her skin turns a silver-ish white instead it's crystal white and her eyes glow a cyan blue. Storm clouds form around the area as the wind whips the ponies.
Lightning bolts streak across the sky and it starts to rain. The form is classified as a "Devo" form due to the fact that when Apple Bloom, Scootaloo,
Sweetie Belle and Crimson Streak calmed her down, she was crying horribly. This was most-likely due to the emotional aftershock of realizing what she
did and actually runs away into the local woods near the school grounds.

How it was unleashed: It's truely unknown what triggered it, though. (It's possible that Diamond Tiara provoked it or it could of been provoked
through her emotional side of extreme timidness and shyness.) However... it's later confirmed that both events cause Sweet Treat's unleashed form.

Drawbacks: The one true drawback is that Sweet Treat's power is just so sheer and uncontrollable. Making the form completely and utterly dangerous.

--- Character Backstory: - - -

The Humble and Secret Beginnings!:
Sweet Treat's life begin in a Canterlot recovery room as she awoke in her mother's hoofs. At the time, she was curious, looking around and observing
everything and everypony in her sight. However, she knew who her mother and father were and she was very happy, smiling most of the time. On the
way to home to Ponyville, Sweet Treat looked around and eyed the trees, the clouds, the animals and everything else. She just was in love with everything
see saw. As her parents took her to her new Ponyville home, Mr. and Mrs. Cake were surprised and welcomed the little filly to her new home. When Mr.
Cake suggested telling about the filly, Pinkie Pie was a little nervous over the discussion. Then, Neos asked the Cakes about keeping her known existance
a secret for Pinkie Pie's sake and well-being. For a year, Sweet Treat helped her mother with baking tasty treats and food for Sugarcube Corner.
"Pinkie Pie is a good mother." Mr. Cake told Neos when he returned one day from the Apple Fields. She told great care of the filly.

Mr. & Mrs. Cake, Rainbow Dash, White Lightning and one other pony are the only other ponies at this time who know of her existance.

The first day of School...:
Sweet Treat's existance was starting to be known by other ponies of Ponyville. At times, when ponies visit Sugarcube Corner to hang out and talk, some
noticed the filly roam by back and forth from the main area to the kitchen and then a private employee area and repeat with treats and other supplies.
Twilight Sparkle noticed this as well and wanted an answer, however the Cakes both denied her existance. When Twilight asked Neos, he didn't reply or
iqnored it, same way with Pinkie Pie. The parents knew her daughter was bound to be known soon enough. They wanted to enroll her in Flight School but,
she was too young to attend the school. Neos then suggested that he'd personally teach her how to fly and use her wings. Pinkie Pie had the answer. Ponyville's
own school that Cheerilee ran. The parents decied on Cheerilee's class for Sweet Treat and so when the first day of the new school year  started, 
she was enrolled in it.  Sweet Treat was at first against the idea, but Pinkie Pie persuaded the filly. "If you do well for the first quarter of the
school year, Sweetie... I'll reward you with a big party! How about that, huh?" With that in mind, the filly jumped with joy and her father took her to school.
At school, Sweet Treat was... scared. She quietly walked into the school to see all the other foals in their seats, waiting for Miss. Cheerilee to start class.
However, Cheerilee noticed the filly walked in and introduced herself, Sweet Treat only nodded in approval. Cheerilee then turned to the class to told them
that they had a new student joining the class that day. Sweet Treat was afraid and didn't want to talk. When Cheerilee asked the class to welcome her.
The class started to ask questions for Sweet Treat to answer. The first question was... "What type of pony was she?" Miss. Cheerilee truthfully wanted to
known as well, however... Sweet Treat started to tear up and ran outside and hid under the playground equipment. "I'm such a COWARD! A scared COWARD!"
she cried with tears rounding down her eyes. Cheerilee came outsite and finds a crying Sweet Treat and Cheerilee tries to reassure Sweet Treat that she will
be accepted in the class. Sweet Treat thinks about for a split second and then agrees to it. Before they re-enter the school, Cheerilee tells Sweet Treat that
Apple Bloom and her friends would be a good friends, even though they argue on multiple topics... they'll still a good start. As they enter the school house,
the class's chatter grew silent. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon were snickering while others were worried. "Now, class. Our newest classmate is a little scared.
I believe we all can relate to that." Cheerilee said to the class. "However, could you please answer the question you were asked?" Sweet Treat nodded.
She stood in front of the ponies with her eyes shut think about what to say, but then she just let it out. "I'm a alicorn!" she cried out loudly. Cheerilee and the class
were silent. "An "alicorn"?" many thought. Cheerilee was surprised as well. She never had an alicorn enrolled in her class before! "My, that's amazing! An
alicorn!" Cheerilee said with excitement! "You must of come from Canterlot, little one!" Sweet Treat blinked. "I was born there, but I live in Ponyville, ma'am."
Cheerilee was dumbfounded. She never seen the filly around town nor anywhere in Ponyville. "Well then... Who's your parents then... oh, my! I forgot! We
didn't get your name, dear." Sweet Treat just looked at Cheerilee. "I'm... My name's Sweet Treat, ma'am." Cheerilee smiled. "Sweet Treat? That's such a
cute name, you have there." Sweet Treat smiled with a big grin on her face! "Now, Sweet Treat. Who are your parents?" Sweet Treat started to giggle abit and
looked at Cheerilee with a face that Pinkie Pie would make. "My mother is the easy one. Just take a look at my mane and my expressions!" the white filly said.
Cheerilee's pupils shrunk. "That expression... it reminds me of her." A young colt sat up in his seat. "She reminds me of that pink pony that works at Sugarcube
Corner in town, Miss. Cheerilee!" Cheerilee looked at Sweet Treat as a second time. "Your mother is her?!" she said with surprise! Sweet Treat smiled greatly.
"Yes! Yes! YES! My mother is Pinkie Pie!" The class were in surpirse and shock. Apple Bloom ran up to Sweet Treat. "Oooo! So, who's your daddy, then?"
she asked. "My dad is a cool pony! He's a alicorn stallion!" The class was silent except for Apple Bloom. "So, is your daddy the one who helps my big sister?
You, know? Down at Sweet Apple Acres?" Sweet Treat thought for a second and smiled. "Yes, that's my dad!" Apple Bloom jumped. "You're dad is awesome!
He's a really nice pony, Sweet Treat!" Cheerilee walked up before Sweet Treat could reply. "Okay, then... who's her dad then?" Apple Bloom moved aside, she
then nodded to Sweet Treat. Sweet Treat was still shy, but with Apple Bloom there, she felt happy. Sweet then stread her wings and smiled. "My father is
'Lord' Neos Spirit! Like Apple Bloom said, 'He's a awesome pony!'" The class was speechless. Cheerilee's jaw hung opened in shock. Even Diamond Tiara
fell out of her seat to the floor. Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle ran up to Apple Bloom and Sweet Treat. The four just talked about things. Finally, Cheerilee shook
off the shock. "Umm? What? Right! Please take your seats, you four." she said however, Sweet Treat made one last comment. "I want everypony to understand
that... I want to be accepted as just another pony. I want you all to know that." With that said... they all took their seats and the day started.

Family Friends!:
As Sweet Treat continued to work in her group. (Apple Bloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle) Cheerilee heard some noises outside and told the class to continue
with their work. As Cheerilee walked outsite to see what was happening. Meanwhile, Sweet Treat peered outside the window of the classroom to see White Lightning
talking to Cheerilee with a little filly next to him, who wasn't too happy. Sweet Treat started to hop around and everypony in the room noticed as she hopped out the
door. Scootaloo jumped. "Woah! Wait, Sweet Treat!" she said in pursuit with Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle. As Cheerilee talked to White, Sweet Treat hopped up
behind her. "Oh, don't worry, Mr. Lightning. She'll be welcomed here." "OH, YES SHE WILL!!" cried Sweet Treat. Cheerilee turned to a smiling Sweet Treat who
was hopping continuiously in place. "Sweet Treat?" White said as stepped forward. "Oh, hello there!" Cheerilee was a bit dumbfounded. "You know her, Mr. Lightning?"
"Why yes, Miss. Cheerilee. Sweet Treat's parents are my friends. I know who she is." Cheerilee still dumbfounded stood there for a moment and shook it off as White
walked up to Sweet Treat. "This is Crimson Streak, Sweet Treat. Rainbow Dash and I wanted her to attend Cloudsdale Flight School, but she's too young to attend,
so we thought about her enrolling here." White said to Sweet Treat. "Since, you're here, Sweet Treat. I have a feeling she'll feel a bit more welcomed with you here."
Sweet Treat smiled and walked over towards Crimson. "Hey there! Come on, you can help me with our project!" Crimson stood there and blinked then nodded in agreement.
"Sure, let's do this!" The two took off and back into the school with the Cutie Mark Crusaders in tow.

Diamond Tiara oversteps her boundaries!:
Around lunch time / recess, the five were talk about how Crimson and Sweet Treat could if they wanted to... they become members of the Cutie Mark Crusaders.
As Crimson and Sweet Treat continued to talk, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon approached the five. "Ahem!" Diamond Tiara butted in as she stole Sweet Treat food
and started to eat it in front of her. "HEY!! Why you taking her lunch!?" Crimson said as she stood up. Diamond starts to laugh. "Because, I can, blank flank!" Suddenly,
Diamond spit out the food on the ground. "Eww! Cupcakes?! These are terrible! Your mother a good cook, my hoof! She's a fail, like you." When she said that... Sweet
Treat's world shattered in to pieces. She suddenly could not remember who she was or what was doing... all she saw was Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon laughing at her.
....Suddenly, Sweet Treat's mane flattened and when straight which caught the crusaders' attention. As Cheerilee came out to see what was all the commotion was about.
Suddenly, storm clouds rounded in... and it started to rain, heavily. Lightning streaked across the sky and as Sweet Treat's mane and skin started to change color she
said something... "...No pony... No pony calls... calls my mother a.... a.... a failure!! AND GETS AWAY WITH IT!!!" she screamed loudly as the wind whipped Cheerilee and
the other ponies. Crimson and the Crusaders knew that she was just upset and she didn't mean to harm anypony. They knew that Sweet Treat was just using her raw power
to create a scare tactic against Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. (Which worked and did even more than that.) Apple Bloom fought the wind and walked up to Sweet Treat
and place her hoof and the little filly's side. As Sweet Treat looked around her, she noticed that Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo and Crimson Streak were next to her, waiting.
Just like that... the storm lighten up, the rain stopped and Sweet Treat sat down on the ground, her eyes wide and tears rolling down her cheeks. "I... I..." and before she
finished she ran away into the woods near the school grounds with a worried Crimson, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo and Apple Bloom in pursuit of her. Meanwhile, Cheerilee
demanded an answer to "what just happened"! However, in the woodlands... Scootaloo found Sweet Treat hiding in a bush, crying. "It's okay, Sweet Treat! That was awesome!
You show Diamond Tiara who's top pony in these parts!" Sweet Treat didn't like that fact at first, but then Scootaloo told Sweet Treat about how Diamond bullies all
the ponies with cutie marks or not. Then, Sweet Treat felt a little better that her friends were around her. She returned with the other crusaders and apologied to Cheerilee
about her actions and closed her eyes knowing that she was going to be punished, but to her surprise, Cheerilee asked Crimson, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo and Apple Bloom to
share their lunch with Sweet Treat due to the fact her own was destoryed. Then the group learns that Diamond Tiara was sent home early with a notice from Cheerilee
that explained her behavior that day and how she caused a problem with another student. That said, the crusaders had an extended lunch and finished the rest of their
day without a problem. Sweet Treat is well accepted in her class and isn't to be underestimated due to her raw power.

Character Chemistry:
- Positive Chemistry:

Lord Neos Spirit: "Lord" Neos Spirit is Sweet Treat's loving father. He was alittle torn when Sweet Treat had to go to school for the first time.
(It's also to first time, he couldn't be there for her, so the feeling is understandable.)

Pinkie Pie: Pinkie Pie is Sweet Treat's happy-go-lucky, party-hard, but caring mother. She taught Treat how to bake and do many things. She was alittle torn when
she couldn't keep Sweet Treat with her and had to send her to school. (The same with Neos; It was the first time for Pinkie Pie where she couldn't be with her daughter.)

Cheerilee: Cheerilee is Sweet Treat's teacher and even though she doesn't completely understand Sweet Treat's raw power, she still likes the young filly and is happy
to have Treat attending of her class. (At times, Cheerilee askes Sweet Treat to help her with clean up and organize some paperwork while she grades tests and sorts.)

Scootaloo: The leader of Cutie Mark Crusaders club. She is a friendly and tomboy-ish. Scootaloo originally thought that Sweet Treat was going to be more like
Pinkie Pie, but after the event with Diamond Tiara... Scootaloo has a bit of respect for Sweet Treat and is happy to have her with the Crusaders.

Sweetie Belle: Another member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders club. Sweetie Belle and Sweet Treat's friendship was naturally there when they first met. The two
have similar interests and that is being creative with what they can get their hoofs on. Like Scootaloo, she's happy to have her with the Crusaders.

Apple Bloom: Another member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders club. Apple Bloom took a jump of fate and ran up to Sweet Treat and asked her a question, trying to be
friendly. Honestly though, Sweet Treat can trust Apple Bloom completely with secrets and personal things she wants to keep quiet. She can trust Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle
and Crimson Streak, but she just trust Apple Bloom a bit more than normal. Like the other Crusaders, she's happy to have her with the Crusaders.

Crimson Streak: Crimson Streak is a tomboy-ish pegasus who joins Sweet Treat's class later that day right after her. Her parents are White Lightning and Rainbow Dash,
good friends of Sweet Treat's parents, Neos Spirit and Pinkie Pie. At first, the two have a bit of trouble and don't agree on much... but eventually they start to agree on
things and get along. She, like Sweet Treat joins the Cutie Mark Crusaders club with Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo.

White Lightning: When he takes her daughter, Crimson Streak to school first her day of school, he notices Sweet Treat and automatically greets her. White is one of
the few ponies that knew about Sweet Treat's existance from the start. However, it is unknown why he and Rainbow Dash were one of the few who knew and it might of
been that Pinkie Pie (or Neos) asked the two to attend for Pinkie Pie's operation. There is another reason as well. The other reason is that Rainbow Dash could of been
pregnant with Prism at the time and was attending her operation as well. It's still unclear, however.

Rainbow Dash: It's unclear how Rainbow Dash knows Sweet Treat, but she knows the filly. The only two reasons are that Rainbow Dash and White Lightning were asked
to attend Pinkie Pie's operation to let her know that it'll be okay or Rainbow Dash was ready to give birth to Prism, their first son and Crimson Streak's little brother.
It could be a weird meet up in the O.R, however this is still all unknown.

Rainbow Prism: Rainbow Dash's and White Lightning's young colt who unintentionally causes or gets into trouble, where his big sister, Crimson has to save him.
Sweet Treat meets Prism when Crimson and the other Crusaders had to save him from his own trap that he created to capture the monster of Everfree Forest.
After he gets saved, Crimson tells him to go home so he wouldn't get himself into trouble, again. However, Sweet Treat askes the Crusaders to invite him back to
the clubhouse. After some serious discussion about how he anticipates getting his cutie mark, his dream of joining the Wonderbolts and how it would be safer for
him to be with the Crusaders. The group decides to allow him to be the first Colt member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders club. He and Sweet Treat sort of have a
good and strong friendship. (He's always on Sweet Treat's party invite list, so there is proof that the two are good friends.)

Mr. & Mrs. Cake: Mr. & Mrs. Cake own Sugarcube Corner in Ponyville, where Pinkie Pie and Neos live as well. When the little filly came home that night the Cakes
welcomed the little white pony. Before school started for Sweet Treat, she would help her mother and the cakes in Sugarcube Corner. Baking treats and cakes for
ponies to enjoy and buy. "She's a wonderful assistant for us here. She's like you, loving and caring, dear." Mr. Cake told Pinkie Pie one day after closing up the shop.

Trixie?: One of the other ponies who attended Pinkie Pie's operation looked like the "Great and Powerful" Trixie. It is known that Trixie and Neos have a strong
and positive friendship. That fact said, Trixie might of attended the operation for Neos's sake as well as his wife's. It is later known that Trixie most of attended
the operation, because she visits Sugarcube Corner and leaves a small wrapped gift for the filly and her parents without saying a word. Eventually she claims that
only attended for Neos and he asked her, but then she contradicts herself claiming that she only went for witnessing a miracle in the process and that wanted to...
"Wish Pinkie Pie luck and be there for the parents." Later on, Twilight Sparkle spots Trixie talking to Neos about having her own foal and wanted to be in Sweet
Treat's life to a point. (Twilight observes that Trixie was acting different than her normal haughty and over-confident self. She was acting more kind-hearted and
seemed to care about the filly.) Trixie might help Sweet Treat with her magic skill later on as a teacher or something related to that since she's actually wants to be
Sweet Treat's life.

Princess Luna: Princess Luna visits Ponyville to ask her brother why he hasn't been in Canterlot as of recently, she learned, first hoof about Sweet Treat, her
niece and Pinkie Pie being her "sister pony-in-law." At first, Luna thinks it's a joke, but when she realizes that she's the only one laughing at it. She goes into a state
of shock and disbelief. After five minutes of letting it all set in... Luna looks at Sweet Treat and accepts her as her niece. The two later are shown enjoying the
the full moon in the night sky as Neos's gives his family a beautiful light show.

- Neutral Chemistry:

Princess Celestia: Princess Celestia's relationship to her niece is unknown. It is still unknown that Princess Celestia even knows about Sweet Treat's existance.
However, later on... She get word about the relationship and filly and sends a letter saying that she wants to see the filly soon. (As well as her mother...)

The Wonderbolts: Joining the Wonderbolts isn't her dream, but she looks up to the Wonderbolts as good role models since she's a Alicorn and wishes to fly high
someday with some of the best flyers in Equestria.

Twilight Sparkle: Twilight learns about her when she visits Sugarcube Corner and witnesses her working in the shop. She asks about the filly, however doesn't
get the proper answer. She later witnesses Trixie and Neos talking about the filly again. The next day, she demands an answer about the filly and learns about
her from Trixie, Neos and Pinkie Pie. With her question answered, Twilight suggests that Sweet Treat should visit her library if she likes to learn and they
could properly meet. (Eventually, she does and the two get into a long and serious discussion on unicorn magic.) They both get along at the moment, however they
both argue at times over certain topics. That said, the friendship between is in the neutral zone...

Applejack & Big Macintosh: Sweet Treat sometimes helps her father with the "AppleBuck" season. Due to this, she is invited with her father to the Apple
Family reunions and other events that the Apple Family hold.

Fluttershy: Sweet Treat and Fluttershy get along sweetly due to the fact, Sweet Treat helps Fluttershy with her annual bird census. Sweet Treat appears to
like to help out with the Ponyville annual bird census.

- Negative Chemistry:

Rarity: (Neutral / Negative) Appearently... Sweet Treat tried to help Sweetie Belle with creating Prism's Crusader uniform and Rarity caught the two and let
her anger out on the two which made Sweet Treat start to tear up and cry. As she ran away, Rarity gave pursuit and eventually lose Sweet Treat in Ponyville.
Later on the same night... Neos, Pinkie Pie and Rarity with Luna and Mr. Cake playing referees for the discussion. After six hours of continuous talk, Rarity came
upstairs to Sweet Treat and in a calm tone, she formally apologied to Sweet Treat. After the apology, Sweet Treat tries to visit Rarity to have a talk with.
(She's trying to make friends with Rarity.) Every once and awhile, Sweet Treat will get to help Rarity with her clothing design at the time, however it's rare.

Diamond Tiara: A filly who thinks she better than everypony and the best because she's wealthy. Natural enemies.

Silver Spoon: Diamond Tiara's friends and fellow bully. She secretly has a respect for Sweet Treat, but never shows it.
I'd like feedback on this bio entry.

White Lightning, Crimson Streak & Rainbow Prism are OC ponies to belong to: Sweet Candace.